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Big Dreams About A Little Ukulele!

My Hero Of The Moment

This picture was snapped at random during one of my trips to Paris at the beginning of this year as I walked across the love lock bridge with some female friends.  Neither one of them was overly impressed with the oddball gentleman singing off-key on the bridge but I somehow fell so madly in love with his brashness that this fleeing moment has coloured my dreams like water through wine ever since.   I can’t really explain it but for some reason his performance lacking any talent won me over and planted a seed that little by little has grown into a full-blown idea.

The truth is, there was something about him that made me want to try my hand at busking on this love lock bridge in Paris.  Granted I don’t know how to play the ukulele and can’t carry a tune to save my life but the desire is there.  After all when there’s a will, there’s a way right? What makes my idea a little more dark and twisty is that I want my set of songs to revolve around heartbreak and despair and make a one time appearance on Valentine’s Day.  Sadly, my friends don’t seem to be on board with this brilliant idea and have told me to give it a whirl if I can pull off Someone Like You without sounding utterly ridiculous.  Fortunately, I have zero desire to be Adele and have always pictured myself serenading people putting up their locks with the lyrics , “…if I only knew the day that I lose would be up to you because you know you said forever – still I’m passing through…”!

Don’t get me wrong, underneath it all, I am a hopeless romantic but I just don’t believe in cluttering up bridges across the world with locks.  After all, what happens if the people with the main lock break up?  Does that mean that someone will come by and cut this lock off and return it back to the rightful owner?  Who will get the lock in the divorce settlement?  Will couple who’s locks are attached to that one face the same fate?  These were many of the endless questions that cropped up as we made our way from bridge to bridge in Venice and made me want to fulfill my dream of busking on a love lock bridge that much more.  It may be too late for me this Valentine’s Day but there’s always next year…

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