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Moving On Up…

Got home – looked around and everything was still a mess.  There are boxes and half-packed suitcases covering every square inch of floor space in my brand new bedroom.  Between what is lovingly known as the stray flu and my social obligations who could possibly have the time to unpack.  NOT ME!  The only good that’s come of all of this is that I’ve finally stopped paying rent in 2 flats and not living in either one as it was more important to be on the South Island so I could muck about.

Before criticizing yet another one of my sound financial decisions – hear me out.  Maybe my standards are high or I’m overly picking (yes, still talking about flats) but finding a decent place to live in Auckland right now is next to impossible.  I looked at flat after flat and it was the same story over and over again – lovely flat but potential roommates left much to be desired or amazing people living in sub-standard housing.  So what else was I going to do other than take the only place that I could imagine myself living in…even if it meant taking it 3 weeks earlier than I needed to.  At the end of the day, its just money right?

Even though I started travelling from the moment I got the keys – I could have been smart and planned a gradual move to the new place.  Sadly, not that smart and so I dumped all my worldly possessions off at the new place like it was a hit and run and have been living amongst boxes ever since.  Well that is until today which I’ve deemed my marathon unpacking day.  After dedicating tonight to settling in – I’m proud to say that floor space is visible once again.  Sadly, I may need to by a set of drawers and/or a bedside table to deal with the mess that’s collecting beside my bed but that’s a problem for another day.

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CTV Building

We had seen the first signs of it while in Dunedin where people evacuating Christchurch were looking for somewhere to go.  The place we were staying at had no vacancies that night and the people just kept flooding in.  After our intense day of driving – it was the same story in Kiakoura.  The small town was buzzing with the amount of people in it.  No matter where you went, there was story after story about experiences in Christchurch.  I even had someone in my room that was in Christchurch when the earthquake happened and from that moment we met the mother hen in me was alive and kicking once again. 

He had nothing but the clothes on his back and the backpack he had taken to the riverside that day.  When the earth started moving – he was frozen on the park bench as the river rose and his coffee slide off the bench.  Luckily he was wearing a pair of jeans he bought from Hong Kong which had a double pocket and that meant he took both is passport and wallet with him that day.  As we ran around the room collecting the necessities so he could take a shower – he shared photos and stories with us.  He was calm and easy-going as he recanted the last couple of days to us.  And the before we knew it, he was out cold and it was bedtime for us as well as we had promised him a good hearty homemade breakfast in the morning.     

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Running in Jandals – Worth It?

Diving Sperm Whale

Yet another day that started at the crack of dawn.  If anyone is wondering if I’m going insane as I keep subjecting myself to early starts – don’t worry, I’m starting to think the same thing myself.  That particular morning the alarm going off was like a bullet to the head but atleast I was getting up to do something fun for once.  I was booked on the 7:15am whale watching cruise and we had a leisurely 1o minute walk to the building where we had to meet for the cruise.   Well leisurely for normal people.  For me – it was another story.  Once I got to the building, I realized that I left my wallet behind and had just enough time to run back and grab it.  Running in jandals at 7am – FUN!     

Luckily I had a friend volunteer to cover my registration so it was more of a jog then the 100 meter dash but still didn’t make the


 morning any easier.  The whole way I was thinking that these whales better be worth it!  On average – each outing sees 2 whales but we were lucky enough to see 4 as well as a ton of dolphins (the dolphins are supposedly rare). In the end it turned out that it was great and as soon as we started following our first sperm whale – I had forgotten all about my forced workout in order to get onto the cruise.

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Magnificent Mt. Cook

Girl Group Bus Photo

We arrived in Mt. Cook and I was greeted by 2 old acquaintances from Auckland (the teasing about how I knew everyone everywhere was getting out of hand at this point) as well as a game plan from Stray.  Regardless, I had no time to think about any of this as I needed to drop my bags off in a hurry in order to make the glacier cruise.  For the first time since jumping onto the Stray bus since Queenstown – the rains had stopped and there was a slight bit of blue sky visible once again.  For the record, I was smart enough to know that I still needed to wear pants and not shorts on the glacier cruise (yes, there was a moment of hesitation but phew, I made the right choice in the end).

So I get onto the tour bus for the glacier tour and once again, my mobile’s going off like crazy.  The tour guide gave me the all-knowing teacher stare as I was texting my little heart out instead of listening to whatever he was babbling on about.  Since he felt it necessary to give me the teacher stare – I felt it was only fair for me to heckle him for the rest of the day.  If I knew it was only his fifth day on the job then maybe I would have restrained (okay, maybe not but I would like to believe that I would have been nice enough to stop).

My favourite iceberg of the day

Regardless, because of the earthquake activity in Christchurch – there was more icebergs in the water where we were doing our glacier cruise.  It was amazing – the colours and shapes of the ice.  And after about 30 minutes – the most amazing part was how I felt like a human popsicle and yet my fingers didn’t just snap off despite how cold I was.  The one activity that I would highly recommend after the glacier cruise is downing a cup of hot chocolate with a stick of Whittaker’s milk chocolate in it.  Despite the buzz happening around us – it was as the hot chocolate warmed our frozen bodies after the 1 ½ hour glacier cruise that we truly smiled for the first time in days.

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In Times Like This – Stick To The Travel Itinerary

When we reached Dunedin we were still waiting on Stray for a game plan.  Those that were originally planning on staying in Christchurch were quickly trying rebooking their trip all the way to Auckland to ensure that they didn’t get stranded on the South Island.  I flew into my mother hen mode and decided to do everything in my power so a friend of mine wasn’t going to get stranded.  Her original plan was to stay in Christchurch for 1 week after we got there but she managed to get onto my bus all the way to Auckland and would now be crashing with me (strangely works out as I’m currently paying rent in 2 flats).

As the news of Christchurch started spreading – we decided to continue on with our travel itinerary as planned.  On this particular day it involved going to Speight’s Brewery for a tour.  It’s now been a couple of days and I don’t think I could actually tell you anything about the tour expect for they do a free for all tasting at the end.  You have ½ hour to drink as much as you possibly can.  In normal circumstances I might have gotten a funny story out but this time – Nothing.  The buzz about Christchurch was still travelling around our group and my mobile was ringing off the hook with people wondering if I was safe.  This was just the beginning but as we hadn’t seen any footage currently exploding on the airwaves – we had no idea the devastation that had taken place.

After the brewery tour we took off for a group dinner at a local pub.  Everyone was out together that night for the first time since I joined this particular bus.  We spent 2 hours waiting on bar food as we watched the horror unfold on the news.  We still hadn’t received an official game plan on what we’d be doing other than it was business as usual until otherwise notified.

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