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Snow Day – Seriously?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m fully aware that it’s still winter and being winter, there’s always a chance of snow.  For some strange reason though, there was a bit of a disconnect from the obvious and what goes on in my head and I didn’t believe that there would be any chance that the fluffy white stuff would impact my Venice Carnival trip in any shape or form.  Once again, I was very, very wrong!


It all started out in the morning when we opened the front door to step out for the day and noticed that there were a few random flurries in the air.  Nothing to worry about as it looked minor and so we made our way to Piazza San Macro to catch a glimpse of all the action before heading to the meet up spot for our gondola ride.  Upon arrival to Piazza San Macro, we realized that the snow was getting heavier and nobody was hanging out in the otherwise crowded piazza.  The smarter people had decided to take cover where they could and taking another look around, we came to the realization that there didn’t seem to be any gondolas on the water either.


As we stood there shivering and wondering what to do next, it didn’t dawn on us that our gondola ride would be cancelled.  After all, we had made the effort to come in full costume to make the most out of the experience and had decided that the photos of us on the water would just so much better if it could really start snowing hard.  After another hour outside roaming about, we finally made the executive decision that enough was enough and that we were cold.  So we did the only thing 2 Canadian girls in full Venetian outfits could do – eat!


After a 2 course meal that allowed us to warm up enough to face the elements once again, we decided it was best to give the tour organizers a call before making our way to the Gondola Park.  Thankfully we did, as we found out that they were going to cancel the event for the day due to high tides and snow.  This information was followed by the advice of go somewhere inside and stay warm today.  And that was it – Venice had decided to call it a snow day.  There was a light dusting on the ground with just a threat of a bit more snow but it was like we were roaming around in a ghost town.   Some shops were closed while other storekeepers were trying to figure out how best to clear the snow with their brooms.  The crowded streets were empty except for a few hooligans goofing around in wannabe snowball fights as they struggled to stay upright.  It was comical and entertaining but nevertheless, my last full day in Venice was cancelled due to the weather conditions.  It was sad but maybe just the excuse I was looking for to return – after all, who can say they’ve been to Venice without experiencing a gondola ride right?


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