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Its-a Mario Time!

Most of the time, when I’m super excited about anything, it turns out to be a big disappointment.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that the toboggan run that made me decide to go to Oslo was going to be better than I could have ever imagined as it was like a real life version of Mario Kart.  Mario Kart is the only way I can describe the awesomeness that is this toboggan run.  Yes, this is the game that made me spend summers inside and gave me a reason to hook up a Nintendo to the big screen (I’m going with perks of film school if you have any lingering questions about that comment).  Basically, the toboggan run in Oslo is a 2km sled run that is located next to the original bobsleigh run from the 1952 Olympic Games.  If you already have a sled, you get off at the last metro stop and go downhill as fast as humanly possible until you get to another metro stop visible from the run.  After that its a vicious cycle of hopping on and off the metro with a little tobogganing squished in  the middle.

Zooming ahead of the pack!

Zooming ahead of the pack!

If you’re a tourist like us, there’s a sled rental place that is located at the top of the run and the helmet is thrown in for free.  A word to the wise, it is a good idea to take advantage of this freebie as there is no controlling your sled or anything that is happening around you.  Throughout the time that I participated in this tobogganing ritual, I managed to take a sled to the back (massive bruise), hit another sled before flipping over my sled and his (badly bruised ankles, calves…well legs in general), hit a snowbank with my head, fell into deep snow where I thought I was going to get buried, and may have possibly lost my sled (I refuse to go into that sorted story).  My Aussie mate didn’t do much better as she broke a shoe, lost a glove, and has just as many deep bruises as I do.  Despite the aches and pains, this was an experience that was definitely worth it and just got better as nightfall approached.  As the sun went down, the run became a block of ice with deep bumps which allowed you to catch some decent air as you made your way down at top speeds.  Words cannot describe how amazing I thought this experience was and in my opinion, this is one of those things that everyone needs to try once in their lifetime!




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