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The Perfect Storm

fear hiding behind a smile...

Sailing on a yacht in the Whitsundays sounds like an amazing trip right? WRONG!  In all fairness, it would be if it wasn’t extreme sailing due to an unexpected storm.   It started off as a calm day as we were dangling our feet off the edge of the boat as instructed while cruising back into the marina.  The winds were strong and the sails were up but before we knew it, we were headed directly into a storm.

Really quickly the waters got rough and the waves started crashing onto the deck of the yacht.  By the time we realized what was going on, the boat was on a 90 degree angle and I was chest deep into the sea while clinging onto the edge of the yacht for dear life.  Fortunately, before a wave could fully sweep me overboard, the boat moved into a position where the 6 of us dangling in the water were able to climb onto a higher part of the yacht.

When I attempted to climb to safety, the yacht was still on a steep angle but luckily, there was another Canadian who came to my rescue.  With super human strength (we’ve chalked it up to adrenaline), she pulled me up to where she was seated and I clung to her for dear life.  Not only had she rescued me but she was also able to rescue a bottom of sunscreen with her monkey toes but the towels, crisps, and other assorted goods on the deck slide to their watery grave.  In her words, she’s not a hero…she’s just doing her job!

We still had hours to go before hitting the marina and we managed to get dunked into the sea once again before the crew guided us to the cabin below.  Once we were below, the thunder and lightning show took place over the boat as we continued to make our way back to the marina.  An hour later, we were finally docked and every passenger was safe and accounted for.   I have never been happier to see dry land before in my life.

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The Wonders Of Alice

MacDonnell Ranges

We spent the day checking out the MacDonnell Ranges and Simpsons Gap amongst other naturally awe-inspiring things before heading into town to see what Alice Springs was all about.  To put it simply – there’s nothing in Alice Springs as the highlight of that particular afternoon was the McDonald’s.  Sad but true folks!

After experiencing Alice Springs first hand, I totally understand the warnings I received prior to the trip.  Here was a town that left you feeling unsafe due to the fact that the locals are not overly welcoming and slightly crazy and not in a good way.   In my opinion, if this is a place that could be avoided during your travels in Australia then I would highly recommend it.

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