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Paradise? Really?

The View From The 20th Floor

Surfer’s paradise on the Gold Coast was the next stop for us and we were staying at the Vibe Hotel.  I don’t know if it was due to the fact that I’m somewhat of a “flashpacker” at best or if it was just the weeks of slumming it but the highlight of this area was the hotel.  After a quick tour of the town, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to spend the bulk of my time in our room and taking in a little luxury before our next stop.

I wasn’t alone on this opinion as the ones I was rooming with (my trusty 2 sidekicks all the way from Alice Springs) felt the same way.  This area resembles Miami a lot more than it does paradise (sorry, for the dig on Miami…).  It has overcrowded and mediocre beaches and was a tourist destination done up in that amusement park sort of feel.  It was commercial and nothing to write home about.  The feeling of the area was best summed up by my Irish lads roomie, “Girl, look at that body!”.  Even though the area was less than desirable, it allowed me to take the time off needed to recoup for the remainder of the trip.  


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Satan’s Insects

Where the March Flies live...

Before I even set out for this adventure, the Whitsundays was the place I wanted to go.  In my head it was going to be this place that was breathtaking.  What I failed to notice in all the photos of this area were these little insects called March Flies.  If hell had insects, these creatures would be it.  They are big with a bite that hurts. 

There’s no stopping these flies.  I attract them at a higher rate than undesirable men – hard to believe but true!  All day they buzzed all around me like secret service ensuring that I was fully covered.  It didn’t matter if I was on the yacht or walking through the bush or splashing around the water – they were there stalking me.  I don’t know why I’m so desirable to them.  Is it my blood…my inability to kill them on first swat…my lack of eau de bushman…my freak out potential when they buzz around me head?  Whatever it is, I know I’ll have to get the cure fast as I’ve heard we’ll meet once again on Fraser Island.

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