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Amber Alert – Missing Jandal!

identical twin of the missing jandal

It started out as any ordinary Saturday.  Spring was in the air and it seemed only right to make our way to Piha for a nice and relaxing afternoon.  Unfortunately, the events that unfolded at the beach this particular Saturday lead it to be anything but. 
The incident that made the afternoon take a downhill turn was a photo shoot on the beach.   Two cameras belonging to two goofy girls with a whole lot of spunk should make for harmless fun right?  Well, when I’m involved – NO!  For some strange reason (okay, it was to get a better angle as I’m obviously looking to go pro) I decided that it was fine to stick my foot in a pool of water that had accumulated between two rocks.  Turns out that it wasn’t just any pool of water that I put my foot into…it was quicksand.  YES – mother fucking QUICKSAND!       
So at the end of the day it didn’t matter if I got the better angle or not as my foot/leg started quickly sinking.  Thankfully, my Canadian

last location the jandal was seen

companion quickly came and yanked me out as if she was saving me on Piha Rescue.  Sadly, in this process, my jandal slipped off my foot and was lost in the murky muddy water.  After combing the beach for supplies (okay, we were hunting for a stick) a rescue was attempted for the jandal but NOTHING.  The jandal had disappeared into this air.  After what seemed like a lifetime and a billion strange looks from people passing by – we gave up.    
What I was left with was the big question of how I was going to get over the rocks without proper footwear.  There was no way that my feet would be able to handle a kiwi as no shoe moment.  Luckily, after some further inspection of the beach – another jandal (right foot…wrong size) was magically in our path.  It was too big and it felt a little awkward but this fate meeting helped me climb over the rocks in order to make it back to civilization once again.  The lesson I learned this weekend is to NEVER EVER stick your foot in odd pools of water…especially if wearing jandals
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