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The Paparazzi Life

The gathering crowd

The lesson learnt today is that I would make the world’s worst Paparazzi. The object of my affection was the Olympic Torch and my personal mission was to capture the torch as it made its way through the streets of Dublin. Okay, so I give myself daily missions right now just to get out of bed but I’m unemployed and living in a new city where I barely know a soul – DON’T JUDGE!

Anyway, when I started looking at my photos, it was very clear that I captured less of the torch and more of the heads, elbows, knees, and toes of the pushy photographers who managed to shove themselves in front of me at just the right moments. After several disheartening pics of the torch hiding behind someone taking photo, I started to think it was a better idea just to take crowd shots and even better than that – the Garda on horseback. I can assure you that the appeal of them had nothing to do with the fact that these policemen on horseback might ever so slightly resembled the RCMP.

Garda on horseback

Despite the fail attempted of becoming paparazzi, I can assure you that I’m richer for the experience. At the end of the day, I walked away with 3 maybe even 4 photos that I’m proud of and can already feel the excitement about the Olympics bubbling inside of me.  Today just reminded me that I can’t wait watch the games unfold in person in London!  And then another personal mission popped into my head – get better at taking action shots in order to have a stellar album of my time during London 2012!

At St. Stephen’s Green just moments before the Torch Relay concluded.

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No Joke…Free Ice Cream

The mosaic on the sidewalk that guides you to the Stag’s Head.

When I first arrived to Dublin (yes, a whole week ago), I saw this mosaic on the sidewalk and thought it was pretty but nothing much beyond that.  Yesterday, however, I was told that next time I’m on my own, this is what will direct me to the free ice cream.  Actually, the Canadian leading the way might have said something about a comedy show but that’s just not the way I remember it.

See the thing is that comedians perform in the basement of the Stag’s Head on Monday nights and half way through – they bring you ICE CREAM.  Yes, they tell you this before the first comedian kicks off but I was skeptical. I mean really, who gets fed when you’re getting a free show?  But then like magic, a heavenly Irish bloke came around with a tray of vanilla/raspberry ice cream sandwiched between vanilla wafers.  Mmmm, ice cream for being entertained…feel like I’ve just died and gone to heaven!  Every day, it’s looking more and more like this just might be the city for me after all…

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Hamming It Up In The Hammer

Sunset photo that’s been “instagrammed” but I couldn’t help myself as that particular app is quickly becoming the new love of my life.

Despite living in Toronto for just shy of a decade, it took a friend that I met on the other side of the world to force me to set foot in “the hammer”.  What started off as a non-stop food fest for 3 Canadian girls ended up being a day full of chit-chat, memories, and laughter as we reminisced about our lives in NZ all the while hitting the romantic spots in Hamilton.  An amazing day that was concluded with an absolutely stunning sunset over the water.  The scenery was beautiful but what had me in awe was the realization of all the ways NZ has managed to change my life permanently.

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