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Nothing But Jazz Hands!

Back in Auckland and trying my hardest to find a daily life routine – don’t mock me because when you have ants in your pants…a routine can be a rather difficult thing!!  For some reason routine and structure in my head equates to joining a gym.  So off I went and signed up at my local YMCA (conveniently located across the street).  If that wasn’t enough, I decided to spice things up and break from my typical treadmill/weights workout at the gym and try a class or two.

Sadly, I’m the fool that picked Zumba.  Looks fun in the infomercials and how hard could it be right.  Turns out there was Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, and a bit of swing thrown into what will be forever known as my first Zumba class.  I love to dance but all I’m willing to disclose at the moment is that my performance in that first class would have brought shame to Zumba enthusiasts around the world.  I struggled everywhere except for when jazz hands were introduced into the workout.  My jazz hands were spectacular and it was enough to keep me going throughout the rest of the class.  Not sure if it’ll be enough to make me return but it was just what I needed at the time.

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Last Friday Night…

Totally Gangster!

Yes, I’ve been waking every morning at 5am or earlier and finding it impossible to go back to sleep.  I’m


tired but when have I ever said no to a party.  It was yet another fancy dress party and the theme was Bro’Town.  Yes, I found out about this when I returned back to work on Thursday and since it’s impossible for me to sleep – I was up at 5am Friday morning researching what the hell I was going to wear!

Sadly, the only thought that occurred to me was I’d go dressed similar to the male characters on the show.  Things like sexy school-girl or cute island girl didn’t even enter my mind!  Yup the only thoughts were hoodie, sneakers, and a baseball cap.  Forget sexy and cute – I was all about baggy and comfy!  I’m starting to think it’s another epic fail on my part when it comes to translating fancy dress to something the ordinary girl will wear as I’m the girl who’s first thought is to cross-dress!

As I started seeing the other costumes for the night – it was an eye-opener.  Some of the outfits were absolutely fabulous.  Despite my exhaustion, it was a good night and at the end of the day I’m glad I went with baggy and comfy as I don’t think I would have been able to handle much more than that.

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On The Move…

I left Canada on Sunday and was arriving in Auckland on Tuesday (Monday…what the hell happened to you!!!) and would need to hit the ground running.  Forget jet lag as I needed to get the keys to my new flat (yes, I get how I could have gotten screwed in this scenario but thankfully it didn’t happen); organize the movers and get all my things from storage and into the new flat; get over to the pub by noon to watch Game 3; and then get back to the flat to deal with getting settled once again.

Big day with a lot to get done but I was focused.  I kept telling myself that this wasn’t as bad as it seemed and that soon I would be at the pub.  I struggled to keep my eyes open as the movers hauled everything into my new flat.  What kept me motivated was that I was going to see the Canucks win game 3. 

Everything had gone exactly as planned until I got to the pub.  There is only one pub in Auckland that plays the game and I was there amongst all the people who were on my Vancouver – Auckland flight.  It was nice to be surrounded by fellow Canadians (mainly from Vancouver) who were as excited about the game as I was.  What I hadn’t accounted for in my plan was Boston winning game 3.  It was disgusting.  It was devastating.  It was too much for all of us.

I was counting on the win to give me my second wind but I was out of luck.  All I could do was the slow walk back to my new flat (sadly, there’s also a slight hill), a quick search for my bedding and dumping the mattress on the ground and calling it a day.  What a day!  I was back in Auckland…my Canucks had lost…and I now had to call this strange new place home!  I knew that going to bed before 5pm was a bad idea that would make adjusting to the time zone rather difficult but at that moment nothing mattered as the only thing that would brighten my day was sleep.

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Hidden Gem

Inside look at the Quarter Acre Cafe

I don’t know why the three of us in a car always makes for an eventful day.  Since it was rainy and wet on Easter Monday, we decided that we would take our time getting back to Welly which essentially translates to numerous stops at cute little cafes along the way for tea, chai lattes, and cakes of all sorts.  After several hours behind the wheel, I was finally able to pull into a truck stop which left much to be desired as far as the cuisine went.  After choking down a rather unpleasant breakfast, we were on the road again.

The next stop was in Shannon when we spotted what look like a cute little and pulled into the first available parking spot.  Before stepping out of the car, we noticed that there was a teenage boy who was kicking a dog and the girl with him was giving us the skunk eye.  Yes, there was 3 of them and they were only teenagers but the sensible Welsh girl spoke up and said, “Maybe we should just keep going as the last thing I need is to get my head kicked in!”.  That was all we took and we were back on the road. 

Slice of Heaven

Luckily we spotted another sign for a cafe shortly after that but were little shocked to find out it was in a garden centre.  Where we in for another treat like the meal we had at the truck stop?  Well we desperately needed to nip into the loo so good or bad, we were stopping.  Much to our surprise, the Quarter Acre cafe was amazing.  The food was fresh and amazing.  The service was unbelievable.  It was everything that we were hoping for and would never have discovered it if it wasn’t for the teenage thugs in Shannon.  The owner of the cafe even gave us apple/feijoa pies for the road as we were in for bumper to bumper traffic for the rest of the drive.  It was the perfect little retreat with a wooden fireplace to boot that gave us the much-needed break from the grueling drive ahead.

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Art Deco Heaven

One of the buildings on the tour

The one thing that took me by surprise this Easter weekend was how much I was going to love the Art Deco feel of Napier.  It all started on a lazy Sunday morning were we had a bit of a lie-in before venturing into town in search for food.  As we slowly walked around and inspected the cafes, it was becoming very obvious that our big plans from the night before of doing as much as humanly possible just wasn’t going to happen.  Instead we took our time and enjoyed brunch before slowly strolling through town until we came across the Art Deco Trust.

It was here that we were introduced to a volunteer tour guide who knew everything imaginable about

Peeking through a mailbox

the town.  She took us up and down streets and told stories about love and tragedy that took place in Napier.  Everything from how her cousin narrowly escaped being crushed by a piano and then sat on the pier with her mom to watch the landscape change before her eyes to a son having to make the decision to give his mom a fatal dose of morphine to keep her from burning alive in the fires that roared through the town after the earthquake.  We peaked through mailbox slots and looked through windows to see the full extent of the beauty of the architecture.   

This was my first taste of Napier but it definitely will not be the last.  This tour was just a peek into how fabulous Napier can be over Art Deco weekend.  It was then and there that the three of us decided that that’s one event next February that we won’t be missing.

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