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Self Censorship And What Not…

I’ve been thinking about this latest post for a while (hours upon hours) and decided that sometimes my jokes tend to cross the line so badly that the line looks like a dot from where I’m standing.  This time around, I thought it’d be safer to ask around to see if my original title was offensive and so I started bugging those around me.  I always got a giggle but that was followed up with comments about how the said person had self censored their own blogs due to one reason or another and then became too lazy to blog much after that.  It is in their honour that I write this post (well rewrite this post after I deleted it…twice) as I figure my blogging about Belgium wouldn’t be complete without sharing some landmark photos.

Exploring any new city always means that some of the major landmarks will need to be visited in order to check them off the list.  When I think of Brussels, the first thing that comes to mind is Manneken Pis and so I set off to find this bad boy.  I felt a little hesitant to admit this as someone once told me that statues were designed for kiddie fiddlers.  I’m not even sure what to do with that statement but I felt a sense of apprehension joining in with the other tourists to take photos of a bronzed little naked boy.  Why a statue of a naked little boy peeing in the first place right?  Well, legend has it that Brussels was under siege by a foreign power and since the city held its ground, the attackers conceived of a plan to place explosive charges at the city walls. A little boy happened to be spying on them and spoiled their plans by urinating on the burning fuse in order to save the city and thus, a naked boy peeing was bronzed to immortalize this moment.  Thank you bus tour for that tidbit of information!

What I’ve neglected to tell you is on the way to Manneken Pis, we took a wrong turn and by pure accident, stumbled upon Jeanneke Pis first.  I’m not even sure why there’s a bronzed statue of a little girl peeing (yes, I keep hearing something about kiddie fiddlers once again in my head) but there she was in all her glory.  Is it so girls don’t feel left out?  It it something about equality?  Do I believe what I read on the internet? Was this really built in honour of loyalty?  Was it because a kiddie fiddler was sketching a picture?

Jeanneke Pis

As for me, I like the photos I took of these two statues but seeing them up close and personal wasn’t anything to write home about.  I was actually quite surprised at how small they were and slightly disappointed that I didn’t get to witness these statues with clothing on…which they apparently have!  As for me and my censorship – if you haven’t already guessed, my original title was going to be something along the lines of “Statues for Kiddie Fiddlers?”.  I still think its catchy and funny but figured maybe its best not to lead with that foot after all.

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