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As we were slowly approaching our last few days in Prague, it became rather obvious that all our needs had yet to be met.  Of course we could have signed up for another tour or asked the concierge what we should do but it was high time for a little exploration on our own.  After all, what could go wrong when we were armed with a map and nothing else.  We figured we would start by heading to the Prague Castle before making our way to the John Lennon Wall and then meandering in the park to see the baby statues before heading into the Jewish Quarter as I was dying to see the cemetery and then hunting down the Ginger and Fred building in the daylight for a photo or two, before possibly finding our way to the TV tower and then backtracking to the Charles Bridge to get some beautiful pictures at dusk.  Phew, just because we lacked a few researching skills on this trip didn’t mean we weren’t going to try to go out with a bang!

The guard who wouldn't crack a smile despite all my antics...

The guard who wouldn’t crack a smile despite all my antics…

So after a quick breakfast, we were off on our mission to go find the Prague Castle.  Again, the one thing that we didn’t factor into this was the time spent getting lost and how easy it was going to be to get cold and tired because of it.  Truth be told, I was ready to throw in the towel at the Prague Castle but the NZ Welshie convinced me that a little tea (damn the Welsh!) and another apple strudel was just what I needed in my life.  So we ended up wasting an hour getting warmed up again so I could face the cold, cold wind that was blowing between all the buildings at the Prague Castle as we quickly moved between each one of them.  Truth be told, I don’t do well with the cold being Canadian and all so I lost interest rather quickly as the castle and its grounds were about as cold as they were crowded.

The view from Prague Castle

The view from Prague Castle

After our little tiki tour, we made the executive decision that we had seen enough and started moving in the direction of the John Lennon Wall.  Again, it started to feel like frostbite was about to set in but we tried to remain strong and soldier on.  Just as I was about to give in, we stumbled upon the wall and it turned out to be a lot smaller than what I had imagined in my head.  Truth be told, I pretended to take random photos close to a tour group on Segways so a little spying could get us the goods the guide was dealing about the wall itself.  After they set off, we knew it was high time we did so ourselves and possibly make a quick move to the closest coffee shop to warm up just a little once again.

John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall

Another random photo of the John Lennon Wall

Another random photo of the John Lennon Wall

As we were beyond cold at this point, we decided that we should just head back onto the Charles Bridge instead of trying something different and getting lost.  This was also the same time that we had decided that nobody really needed to see giant baby statues in a park so that and the TV tower were quickly cut out of our plans for the day.  Let’s face it, the only thing I could think of at that moment was what I needed to do to find a warm place to chill out in.  Oh and a coffee shop that served soy milk as the NZ Welshie was about to freak on someone otherwise.  So that was that, and it was off to find another place for a wee snack and a coffee to allow us to thaw out slightly so we could make our way to the Jewish Quarter.


My favourite image from Prague


It was while we were at the last of our coffee shops that we decided that even though the Jewish Quarter was within walking distance, we were going to take advantage our of transit day pass and use it to be outside as little as possible.  It was while we were in the station that I started wondering if the Jewish Quarter was really necessary but the NZ Welshie with all her might got me to keep on moving.  And move we did, all the way to where the Jewish cemetery was located only to find out that it was closing within 30 minutes.  We tried to negotiate a deal as we couldn’t see all of it but the lady at the ticket counter wouldn’t budge.  After a few minutes, we realized that it didn’t make sense to rush through it so we gave up.  Not only that, but I finally got the NZ Welshie to give up on the idea of the other sites we wanted to hit and call it a day.

Love this metro station

Love this metro station

And before I knew it, that was that.  Evening was quickly approaching and we were heading back to the hotel to get nice and toasty warm before setting out for the evening once again.  Looking back, despite all the bitching and moaning from yours truly this was probably my favourite day in Prague.  It was just me and the NZ Welshie at our best (and worst) exploring Prague in the same haphazard way we had explored New Zealand together.  The elements, weather, and scenery were all very different but the laughter and good times were the same.  In my opinion, its friends like this that make travelling just that much more enjoyable.

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