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Getting Jazzy With It!

After a long and hard day of being a tourist, it was time to go back to the hotel and get all dolled up for the three sense project.  Yes, you heard me…three sense project: listen, taste, look (I know…CRINGE)!  Turns out that’s the super cheesy slogan for the Jazz Boat Cruise but it was one of those things that came highly recommended so before I knew it, we were all dressed up in our “I’m about to freeze my tits off” get-ups and waiting to board that damn boat.  The NZ Welshie and I decided that our biggest fear about this whole evening was being trapped for hours on a floating nursing home while eating mediocre food but sometimes the gamble pays off, right?  Anyway, as soon as we found our table, our hearts sank as we boarded the boat only to be seated at the table with what looked like the old grumpy couple.

Charles Bridge All Lit Up

Charles Bridge All Lit Up

Don’t feel sorry for us though because we had no time to dwell on our forced dinner companions since the boat set sail immediately and before we could even think about it, the band was on stage playing their little hearts out.  To our amazement, the band was really good and it no longer seemed to matter who we were sitting with as jazz filled the night air.  As for the view of the city from the water – stunning doesn’t even begin to describe what we saw.  Unfortunately, photos don’t do it justice either and it’s one of those things that really have to be experience in my opinion.  The best way I can describe it is Prague is absolutely breathtaking from this angle.  Added to that was a flawless dinner service.  Not only was the service amazing but even more surprising was how good the meal itself was.  I had decided to go with the vegetarian option while the NZ Welshie went with the salmon and both of us were equally happy with our meals that night.  Turned out the fear of mediocre food was just foolish as all three courses were simply delightful.  Despite our reservations, we were glad that we followed through as this was one of those gambles that paid off big time.  All in all, the three sense project was hands down one of our favourite experiences in Prague.

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