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Festively Dressing Up Naked Limbs!

Ever since I built my first pin-hole camera, trees were one of my all time favourite subjects and so why would I expect my photos from the recent tour of the German Christmas Markets not to have an abundant of them is beyond me.  As I sort and examine over 1,000 photos taken on the 11 day tour, I figured it was only right to share my favourite 3 that have been all dressed up for the holiday season.

Cologne Christmas Market Beauty

Cologne Christmas Market Beauty

All Dressed Up for the Cologne Christmas Market

All Dressed Up for the Cologne Christmas Market

The Beauty On The Streets of Baden-Baden

The Beauty On The Streets of Baden-Baden



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Hopefully It Comes In Threes?

Halloween cake pops

As I was putting the finishing touches on my Halloween cake pops on Sunday, I had no idea the epic fail that was in store for me this week. It’s as though one bad thing keeps happening after another and I’m not sure if its even safe to leave the house again – I’m seriously starting to wonder if bad luck qualifies as a reason for a sick day.

It all started out on Halloween.  Hands down, Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year.  I love the treats…the tricks…and all the other silliness that comes along with it.  I love costumes, dressing up on the 31st, and having treats all day long (mmm, sugar high).  Without going into the gory details, Halloween has coloured my opinion of New Zealand and just like water through wine, I’m having a hard time seeing the positive.

So Monday was a stink day but it can only get better, right?  WRONG!  It seems like Tuesday somehow managed to be worse.  I’m less than a week away to my first of two trips to Oz  this year and I end up breaking my camera.  My pretty pink ELPH that’s been everywhere with me from the moment I started this journey is done.  I looked into repairing my ELPH but it was going to cost more than a brand new camera so I did what any other sensible person would do and bought another camera.  Its plain, boring, and black but will get the job done.

That’s when I was hit with the next question – what job does this new camera really need to do?  The thing is, I was greeted with the good news that my upcoming tour to Oz was cancelled right after I bought the camera.  Yes, a tour that I booked months ago and one that should have been starting in under a week – CANCELLED!   My flights are booked and the shuttle is picking me up at 6am on Saturday but when I get there – NOTHING.  I will have to manage to get myself from point A to B so I can fly out from the correct city but that’s all folks.

At this point, I’m not sure if the universe is trying to tell me something or if all bad things just comes in 3s and this was just my turn.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.  Stay tuned…

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