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Bikini Bootcamp Resurrected

A swimming pool.

A pool...not my pool but pretty close replica

As summer is just around the corner, it seems only fitting to start working on my fatitude.  My twin from another mother and I have a buddy system worked out where we’re teaming up in order to avoid looking like beached whales on the beaches of New Zealand.  So with a partner in crime by my side, all that was left was to put together a game plan to work on our fitness.

As travelling is one of our top priorities – we were trying to think of ways not to sink a lot of dough to get fit.  Paying for a gym membership was out of the question but where we lucked out is that my building has a “gym”.  The equipment is not great by any stretch of the imagination but there’s two working treadmills and a swimming poolwhich is enough for us to start on our fitness plan.  The plan: we’re on the treadmills for about 30 minutes and then change and dive into the pool for another 30 minutes. 

Then there’s the other side – diet.  This is the part of the “Fatitude Ge Gone” plan where we’re both willing to put in some money.  Back in my bikini bootcamp days, I was eating somewhere between 6-8 small meals a day with the right portions of carbs/protein per meal and drinking atleast 8 glasses of water.  As I find it somewhat challenging to eat in the same manner in New Zealand (don’t get me started on grocery shopping and food here) as to what I was used to in Canada, I’ve come up with a new diet regime – eat only real food.  Nothing processed.  Whole grains.  Enough fruits and vegetables as well as the proper servings of protein in a day.  Of course there’s the 8 glasses of water that I’m trying to consume as well.  Fingers crossed that this plan will do a Canadian body some good.

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