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Moving On Up…

Got home – looked around and everything was still a mess.  There are boxes and half-packed suitcases covering every square inch of floor space in my brand new bedroom.  Between what is lovingly known as the stray flu and my social obligations who could possibly have the time to unpack.  NOT ME!  The only good that’s come of all of this is that I’ve finally stopped paying rent in 2 flats and not living in either one as it was more important to be on the South Island so I could muck about.

Before criticizing yet another one of my sound financial decisions – hear me out.  Maybe my standards are high or I’m overly picking (yes, still talking about flats) but finding a decent place to live in Auckland right now is next to impossible.  I looked at flat after flat and it was the same story over and over again – lovely flat but potential roommates left much to be desired or amazing people living in sub-standard housing.  So what else was I going to do other than take the only place that I could imagine myself living in…even if it meant taking it 3 weeks earlier than I needed to.  At the end of the day, its just money right?

Even though I started travelling from the moment I got the keys – I could have been smart and planned a gradual move to the new place.  Sadly, not that smart and so I dumped all my worldly possessions off at the new place like it was a hit and run and have been living amongst boxes ever since.  Well that is until today which I’ve deemed my marathon unpacking day.  After dedicating tonight to settling in – I’m proud to say that floor space is visible once again.  Sadly, I may need to by a set of drawers and/or a bedside table to deal with the mess that’s collecting beside my bed but that’s a problem for another day.

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