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Getting My Kicks on Route 11


By The BOXCar featured writer Sharen Ram
London Red Double-Decker Bus Route 11


When you think of iconic London images, the red double-decker buses are always top of mind.  What I find funny is that when people are looking to do the ultimate tourist thing of exploring the famous landmarks of the city by bus, they automatically turn to companies offering hop on-hop off bus services instead of using the red double-decker buses themselves.  Granted, these tour companies offer commentary and have an education by osmosis thing happening but in my humble opinion, there’s nothing that tops the cost-effective method of using the cities own buses to tour the famous landmarks and so this is exactly what I did.  As I was lacking the commentary that usually goes along with these tours, I decided it was only fitting to restrict my musical choice to all things British until my cheapo tour concluded.  Encase you were…

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Leaving Vancouver when the Canucks were bound for the cup was rather difficult.  But then again, after a 5 hour flight, locating Miss Bathtub Diaries herself proved to be just as difficult.  Yes, I was still in the secured area of the airport but found a way to sneak a peek at the waiting area and nope – she was nowhere to be seen.  Her flight got in from London hours before mine landed so we had arranged to meet at my gate.  But the big question was – Where was she?  Lost?  Got Bored and Left?  Delayed?

After struggling with a payphone (yet another reason why I will never ever travel without a working mobile again!), I was finally able to get a hold of her.  She insisted she was at my gate.  I insisted she wasn’t.  Had she changed so much over the last several months that I couldn’t pick her out of the crowd?  Or was I going blind?  This continued on for some time until we agreed to pick a very specific meeting place.  After about 15 minutes, she appeared and to my relief – I wasn’t going blind and could recognize her even though she was all jazzed up in her brand new London Couture. 

Even though it took forever, I was finally reunited with Miss Bathtub Diaries and it was like we hadn’t missed a beat.  This was the first of many reunions for this leg of the trip and I couldn’t wait to catch up with each and every one of them.

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