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Girls That Are Boys…

The Best Of The Bunch

It was decided that New Years would be a fancy dress night.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand the obsession with fancy dress on this side of the world – they won’t do Halloween but any given Tuesday, there they are wearing the best threads that can be found in a tickle trunk.  WEIRD!

I hate to admit it but with all my reservation and hesitation, I have to say that New Years was a good laugh.  This year, I was on Fraser Island and celebrating at a place on our resort called the Dingo Bar.  There isn’t anything special about New Years on Fraser Island or the Dingo Bar for that matter.  What made the night was two fellow travellers in drag.  Hats off to these two that will remain nameless but managed to make my New Years memorable with their shenanigans and getting the rest of us in the spirit of fancy dress for the evening.

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Last Friday Night…

Totally Gangster!

Yes, I’ve been waking every morning at 5am or earlier and finding it impossible to go back to sleep.  I’m


tired but when have I ever said no to a party.  It was yet another fancy dress party and the theme was Bro’Town.  Yes, I found out about this when I returned back to work on Thursday and since it’s impossible for me to sleep – I was up at 5am Friday morning researching what the hell I was going to wear!

Sadly, the only thought that occurred to me was I’d go dressed similar to the male characters on the show.  Things like sexy school-girl or cute island girl didn’t even enter my mind!  Yup the only thoughts were hoodie, sneakers, and a baseball cap.  Forget sexy and cute – I was all about baggy and comfy!  I’m starting to think it’s another epic fail on my part when it comes to translating fancy dress to something the ordinary girl will wear as I’m the girl who’s first thought is to cross-dress!

As I started seeing the other costumes for the night – it was an eye-opener.  Some of the outfits were absolutely fabulous.  Despite my exhaustion, it was a good night and at the end of the day I’m glad I went with baggy and comfy as I don’t think I would have been able to handle much more than that.

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What Happens in Baz Stays in Baz

The originals in fancy dress

To be fair – that’s only true if you’re not going to Baz Vegas with me.  Baz or otherwise known as Barrytown is in the middle of nowhere with nothing around but a bar.  We eat at the bar, drink at the bar, and sleep at the bar (okay, little cabins behind but might as well have been in the bar to be completely honest).  It’s the big drinking night on the Stray bus which involves fancy dress.  If you have images of backpackers trading stinky clothes to create some sort of weird fancy dress – STOP!  All you really need to know is that the bar has a wardrobe to cater to our fancy dress night…why my black dress and bra went missing right before we got into Barrytown will always remain a mystery to me.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of the evening but a game of spoons quickly lead to us running into the wardrobe room to put on random items of clothing (I was going for the stuff that didn’t smell bad but ended up getting dressed by the folks on my bus).  Turns out I was a firefighter posing as a lifeguard stripper.  The best costume of the night went to the quiet Frenchman who was Snow White from the front and Dracula from the back but what made me laugh the most was the shenanigans of an Aussie who convinced a local to go home and get his cow suit so she could steal it and parade around (why he owns a cow suit or would tell anyone is enough to boggle the mind).

The morning after...

Even though I had doubts about Baz Vegas – turned out that the night was filled with good laughs and went on until the wee hours of the morning.  A good time was had by all and it was well worth the exhaustion I faced for the 7:30am start for jade carving the next day.

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