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Mr Cab Driver

I felt like we were teenagers loitering outside the 7-eleven while we waited for our black cab to show up.  Turns out that all that loitering was for nothing as our black cab was actually blue and the driver had been there all along approaching random strangers to see if it was us.  It may have been a rocky start but it wasn’t long before he whisked us away and began telling stories of the rich Catholic and Protestant history in Belfast.  I could rehash his stories and ruin the experience but I won’t.  What I’ve decided to do instead is share some photos of the places we stopped at along the way as I think these stories are best told by the cab drivers taking people around their city.  For the record, I also believe mine was a Protestant but he never really did tell us in the end like he promised!

It was interesting how the rifle would follow you…

The are several different versions of this story but the ending is always the same.

My anonymous contribution to the wall.

The last decent image taken on the tour…

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A Car Full Of Foreigners

Bright Blue Bridge on the road from Dublin to Belfast

The last few weeks have been more than hectic to say the least as it starting to feel like the day job is ruling my life.  Sadly, its gotten to a point where fitting in time to eat has been so overwhelming that anything else has become simple unimaginable to me.  As I began contemplating if there are any advantages to working like a dog in a foreign land, I was lucky enough to have an Aussie mate remind me of what I’m doing here in the first place.  Truth be told, it’s really hard to think about travel when you don’t have a second to breathe but having a friend who’ll serve you a weekend mini-break on a silver platter is exactly what the doctor ordered in situations like this.

It all seems like a blur as I somehow went from slaving away at the office to being strapped into the Golden Bubble as we attempted to navigate our way from Dublin to Belfast without winding up in some random town in rural Ireland – please don’t ask me about how an Ikea trip landed us in Howth as I’m still blaming the faulty GPS for that blunder!  After all, there’s nothing like 4 foreigners in a car with a booty popping problem and a GPS system with absolutely no sense of direction that can make or break a roadtrip right?

I can continue on and bore you with the details of the drive but have decided that there’s no need for that kind of nonsense.  All I will say is that shoelaces are miracle workers to a booty problem and in this day and age if your GPS system has no sense of direction – well there’s an app for that!  With an almost dead iPhone and luggage that consuming space everywhere else aside from the trunk, we pulled off the highway and turned onto the city streets of Belfast and knew that it was only a matter of time before it was our turn to be full.

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