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The Giant Ball In The Sky

Last sunset of 2011 on Fraser Island

This may not be the best photo of the day and I may have started to feel slightly like a pedo when the child playing in the water got in my way but I still love it. 

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No Pants Party!

The photo that lead to the "wet pants" incident!

New Years Eve was around the corner and I found myself on Fraser Island (sans march flies…believe it or not!).  If I was a sane human being, I would have had an easy day involving a cat nap in order to prepare for the evening celebrations.  Sadly, sanity is one of those qualities that I lack and due to this, I decided to get as much into one day as humanly possible. 

The day started out at a reasonable hour (please take this with a grain of salt as I’m starting to think of 8am as a lie-in nowadays) and I was off with 4 others on a full day beauty spots tour of Fraser Island.  What was on the agenda for the day was Lake Mackenzie, Central Station, a walk, a shipwreck, 75 mile beach, coloured sands, and Eli Creek amongst other things.  What wasn’t advertised was the fact that I’d be visiting the bulk of these locations sans pants.

What happened this time around (yes, this is the second time that I’ve found myself on a tour sans pants) was that I was looking to get the ultimate photo of the Maheno Shipwreck when a wave came out of nowhere and drenched me from the waist down.  Damn sea – always out to get me!  By the time I had made it back to the bus, it was obvious that I was going to have to pull off my shorts as they had managed to soak up half the sea.  Have no fear though, I had a semi-wet and rather sandy towel to keep myself decent in order to avoid the disapproving looks of the families on our tour for the rest of the day.  That said, pants or not pants, this tour has been the highlight of the east coast of Australia.  My only advice is that if you’re going to do it – it might be advisable to bring a change of clothes.

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Kroombit Smoombit…


Picture of the farm stay

Every tour has moments that you’re not looking forward to.  On the beach and bush tour, the Kroombit farm stay was that moment for me.  I’m not interested in rounding up goats for a rodeo, learning how to lasso anything, or shooting shit.  I’m not a cowboy and have zero desire to ever be one or even fake it for an afternoon.  Bah humbug is right!

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one turning up my nose at this stop so I had a posse to bitch with into the wee hours of the morning.  Unfortunately, the bitching wasn’t the worst of what occurred at this stop of the tour.  Sadly, there was an accident involving a mechanical bull that left the lovely lady from Wales injured.  Rumour has it (I can’t confirm or deny anything as I wasn’t at the scene of the crime) that we were a lucky bunch with a medic and nurse amongst us who came to the rescue of a fellow traveller as the staff at the farm was left gawking at the injured girl.  In my humble opinion, I truly believe that Kroombit is one of the stops on the tour that should be taken off the itinerary as I thought it was all rather a big waste of time.

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Nothing But Jazz Hands!

Back in Auckland and trying my hardest to find a daily life routine – don’t mock me because when you have ants in your pants…a routine can be a rather difficult thing!!  For some reason routine and structure in my head equates to joining a gym.  So off I went and signed up at my local YMCA (conveniently located across the street).  If that wasn’t enough, I decided to spice things up and break from my typical treadmill/weights workout at the gym and try a class or two.

Sadly, I’m the fool that picked Zumba.  Looks fun in the infomercials and how hard could it be right.  Turns out there was Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, and a bit of swing thrown into what will be forever known as my first Zumba class.  I love to dance but all I’m willing to disclose at the moment is that my performance in that first class would have brought shame to Zumba enthusiasts around the world.  I struggled everywhere except for when jazz hands were introduced into the workout.  My jazz hands were spectacular and it was enough to keep me going throughout the rest of the class.  Not sure if it’ll be enough to make me return but it was just what I needed at the time.

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Stalking…Not One of My Strengths

Danny Bhoy at the Visa Comedy Gala

The International Comedy Festival has hit Auckland and much to my surprise, Danny Bhoy will be taking part but there’s one slight problem.  His first performance isn’t until the 9th and I’ll be leaving Auckland on the 8th.  Where I lucked out was that he was one of the many comics taking part of the Visa Comedy Gala on opening night.  So I did the only thing I could do – talked a friend out of watching the Royal Wedding so I’d have a partner in crime for the night. Getting a taste of Danny Bhoy at the Comedy Gala wasn’t enough as I would be a legend if I could get a snapshot with him at a bar (he’s Scottish so how hard could it be to find him drinking at a bar!)

I was able to convince my Canadian counterpart to come on a stalking mission with me but right from the start – it was pathetic.  Neither one of us knew where he’d be so we figured the best way to plan our stalking of Danny Bhoy would be to head to a bar and talk about it over drinks.  When we were at the bar, my partner in crime noticed that they had all the ingredients to make a shot called Polar Bear and decided that we had to have it.  Unfortunately, the bartender told us that we had to go to the bar upstairs as they were the only ones who served shots and sent us on our way. 

Another pic of Danny Bhoy

When we got there, going into the bar was Arj Barker and we quickly figured out that we had accidentally stumbled upon the after party that the comics were attending.  Unfortunately, there was a very large bouncer (who refused to listen to a thing I said) standing between me and Danny Bhoy.  I didn’t know how to get into the after party and to make matters worse, the TV screen outside of the bar was showing reruns of the Royal Wedding which meant my partner in crime had abandoned me to get a peek at the dress.  We had random people (not sure who they were but they seemed to think they were important and recognizable for some reason) from the after party come and chat to us about the Royal Wedding but sadly, no sign of Danny Bhoy.   The other comedians darted back and forth from the smoking room and the after party – all of them expect for Danny Bhoy.  After half and hour – we decided it was time to throw in the towel on the stalking mission as getting a bar photo just wasn’t in the cards.  To make matters worse, we didn’t get to have the Polar Bears either!

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