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I Rented A Boat Bitch!

The first order of business when we woke up was to check the weather.  Our hearts beat anxiously as we threw the curtains open but we had nothing to fear as there wasn’t a single cloud blocking any of that gorgeous blue sky.  PHEW!  And just like that, we got dressed in a flash and were off to meet our boat, the crew, and the lovely Korean girls who helped us make this all possible.  Turns out My Aussie Mate and I were slightly under prepared for a day long journey on a speedboat.  We had picked up bottles of water to help combat the heat but didn’t think about the necessities such as snacks and booze but thankfully, the Korean girls decided to cover us in that department as a thank you for shelling out a little extra for the boat.

Couldn't resist getting myself the Hello Kitty water!

Couldn’t resist getting myself the Hello Kitty water!

As this trip was actually happening, we decided that there was no time like the present to exchange names and get to know each other just a little.  The crew laughed as we told them the story that had brought the 4 of us girls together and how we were fortunate enough to have bumped into each other when we thought all hope was lost.  We laughed off the misery of the day before as the music began pumping and before I knew it, Split was nothing but a teeny tiny little dot behind us.  The first stop of the day was going to be the blue caves and after that, we were going to go to see the green caves, have lunch on Island of Vis, and a lengthy break on Hvar before heading back to Split as the sun was setting.

My Group at the end of a very long day of boating.

My Group hamming it up for the camera.

Random Blue Cave Photo from my iPhone - one of many that I show other travelers.

Random Blue Cave Photo from my iPhone – one of many that I show other travelers.

Getting to the blue caves was not some small ordeal as it felt like the boat was on full throttle for a few hours before we could make out the island where we would transfer boats.  Turns out, the tour takes you to a local boat operator who then takes you out to the caves.  If the weather was warmer, there would be the option to swim into the caves but our skipper didn’t recommend it as the sea was still unseasonable cold.  As this was the case, the 4 of us waited our turn to get into one of the local boats headed for the caves.  Once we hit the entrance, confusion also hit me as it didn’t look big enough to fit our dingy but before I could finish that thought, the guy told us to mind our heads and shoved right on in.  It was at this moment that everyone stopped talking and gasped at the beauty before us.  There are no words that can describe how awesome the caves were in the morning light.  All I knew at that moment was that it didn’t matter what we did for the rest of the day as this moment made paying that extra moolah well worth it.

Random stop the skipper made to show us a beach he likes

Random stop the skipper made to show us a beach he likes

The day coming to an end.

The day coming to an end.

Luckily, the rest of the day wasn’t crap at all and turned out to be just as great as the cave experience itself.  My Aussie Mate and I were on a boat with 5 strangers who quickly felt like old friends a few hours into the journey.  Our skipper was keen on exploring and would constantly ask if we were okay to stray off course cause he knew of a cool spot here or there.  On top of this we were got a few extras on the way such as a random police check (and photos of annoyed policemen on sea) and towing a boat full of male tourists who ran out of gas.  All in all, I couldn’t have been happier that Split Excursions had cancelled the original tour that we booked as I couldn’t have imagined a better day out exploring the islands that surrounded Split.


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