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Unwinding in Welly

By the time I reached Wellington, I was absolutely exhausted.  So what’s a girl going to do other than spend each and every moment out.  I could gush on and on about the people I met up with or a little something about afrobeat jazz but my favourite part of my trip to Welly this time around was hanging out with the girls.

It was a simple Sunday afternoon and all we did was chat up a storm while shopping and I couldn’t have asked for a better time.  For the first time since coming to New Zealand, I easily found things to buy.  Normally this isn’t a problem for me in Canada but in New Zealand it’s a very different story.  Shopping is challenging on a good day and it’s quite difficult to find anything decent no matter how much effort goes into it.  The difference this time around was that I was hanging out with a couple of fashionistas from Welly.  They took me to little boutique stores that carries old favourites from home and pointed out the stores of the great New Zealand designers.  We even attempted to get pedis to end our girlie Sunday in style.  Unfortunately, it took us to long to get to the spa and we had to take a rain cheque on that particular activity.   

Thankfully, our girl’s day out didn’t end there.  We decided to end the evening off with a fabulous patio meal followed by dessert and before I knew it we were well into the evening hours.  Again I knew it was time for me to call it a night as I was on my way back home to Auckland at the crack of dawn but the easy Sunday was enough to unwind after a somewhat interesting trip to the South Island.

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Break Time in Welly

From the Museum

By the time we rolled into Wellington – I had my fill of hostels.  Seriously – enough was enough!  BASE was the chosen hostel in Welly and I just didn’t have it in me to rough it for one more night…especially at a BASE.  So I did what I do best – I made alternative arrangements which in Sharen speak essentially translates to designating a local (UK Rugby Boy of course) as my personal tour guide and then crashing at his place for the night.  Best idea ever as for the first time in several days I was able to relax and not worry about sticking to some itinerary or schedule….hello vacation!

My tour of Wellington consisted of cafes and culture.  We just strolled down streets that were unfamiliar to me stopping off for cake and coffee as I found out little tidbits that only a local could tell you and then set off for the museum (shamefully, this was the first museum that I visited since coming to New Zealand).  After a laid back day walk through Wellington we went home and I proceeded to cook a Mexican feast and watch mindless movies.  My day/evening was pretty much the furthest thing any other tourist did yesterday but it was exactly what I needed to keep trekking on.

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