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Slightly Obsessed With Welly?

Apple Martini at The Apartment

If Wellington was a person instead of a city – I’m slightly afraid that I’d be the crazy girl boiling a bunny on its stove at this point.  Luckily for  me and possibly the city of Wellington, no bunnies were harmed during my last visit despite all the over indulgence.   It was a weekend getaway that revolved around great friends, good food, and shopping stints to help me forget about the trails and tribulations of my so-called life.

Its weekends like this past one that remind me what I enjoy the most.  If you’re looking for tales of a rockstar weekend or stories of my infamous “power hour” then sadly, you’ll be disappointed as that’s not what this is about.

Lamb Shank at Boulcott Street Bistro

  All I can say is that I ate until I was full and then ate some more and then followed that up with green tea and/or a chai latte in hopes to aid digestion so I could move on to the next restaurant in order to eat some more.  Cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates may have been thrown in the mix as well in-between all of that but I’ll never tell!

The weekend went by in a blink of an eye and sadly before I knew it, I was ready to roll onto the plane and make my way back to Auckland once again.  Don’t fear though as I’m armed with some great memories to help me make it this upcoming week.  In the words of all that haunts me right now – whaka yeah!

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The Wrong Side of the Road

As if we'd forget to "Keep Left"

Our Rental Car

It’s funny how things end up working out for my Easter roadtrip.  Due to a lot of interesting circumstances, my hand was forced and I was going to have to finally drive in New Zealand.  I was splitting driving duties with another fellow Canadian who was a first timer as well and we were going to have to quickly get used to driving on the wrong side of road. 

Loaded with maps, a GPS, and extra insurance we hit the road.  The roadtrip was a great introduction to driving in New Zealand if we ignore the issues with roundabouts and not one but two run-ins with the New Zealand police.  What happened at the first roundabout is something that will remain with the 3 people who were in the car and all I’m willing to say is that it added an extra hour to our roadtrip and there might have been a moment where my life flashed before my eyes.  The police…well that’s a whole other story.

Police Officer story #1  involved a routine drinking driving roadblock where everyone in the car stared at the instrument the cop shoved into my driving buddy’s face.  The driver stared back at the lady cop with a blank and slightly grossed out look and we could tell she was wondering how she was going to get away with not putting her mouth on this unhygienic instrument.  The police officer clued in and then chimed in with instructions right before my driving buddy orally violated the breathalyzer. 

Posing with our car

As for the second cop story…let’s just say that there were 3 major driving violations that started out with the police officer pulling us over and saying, “wow, there were some scary moments back there!”.  He broke out laughing when we blamed the GPS for breaking the speed limit amongst other things and after a quick chat about who we were and where we were from, he proceeded to give us directions to our bach and sent us on our way without a ticket or warning in sight.   From Wellington to Napier, we had made it safe and sound without any major incidents and gave us moments that we’d laugh about all weekend long.

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An Education…

The simple pleasures of life are nothing more than a movie and chai lattes with friends.  My trip into Welly this time around was different from all the rest as I refrained from gallivanting around town and spent quality time with good friends.  Like always, our conversations revolve around trying to figure out this so-called life.  Hours of chit-chat have led me to the conclusion that we can’t agree on whether its possible for guys and girls to be friends…there’s a plan man amongst us…never boldly question a kiwi man about lingerie (again anyway)…there’s masculine females and feminine males…and if it’s cold then go to “bid”.

All the above and more are a result of motor mouths and listening faces.  In a weird sort of way its like my very own coming of age story and how my partners in conversational crime have come to change my life.  What’s even stranger is that I can’t wait until my next visit to Welly so we can all pick up where we left off.  It’s good to finally find people who help you laugh at the drama that everyday life brings.

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Worldwind in Welly

Coffee at Memphis Belle

Somewhere between the wine and king’s cup on Christmas Eve/Day it was decided that the 3 originals needed to reunite and thus, the idea of the weekender in Welly was born.  I talked…planned…plotted while brimming with excitement as the day grew closer.  What I realize now is that it wasn’t anything like what I had imagined and was silly to have thought it would be anything other than what it was. 

When planning, I was so wrapped up with reuniting with those I had spent my first couple of days in New Zealand with that I neglected the importance of food.  Thanks to some new friends who wholeheartedly encourage the foodie way of life – this turned out to be a fabulous weekend.  After all, what’s a girl supposed to do in Welly other than a worldwind tour of the cafes, bars, and restaurants.  I ate and drank until my little heart was content and then ate and drank some more.  I can go on and on about how Sunday brunch at Fidel’s should be a must for everyone or how you haven’t really been to Welly without stopping at Memphis Belle for coffee or that its okay to make friends with salad at Finc but the standout for me this particular weekend was Shed 5. 

Shed 5

Shockingly, Shed 5 is the first time since arriving in New Zealand that I’ve been out to a nice restaurant and had the opportunity to get dressed to the nines.  It didn’t even dawn on me how much I missed this favourite pastime until somewhere between the crumbed tomino salad and the candied walnuts on the risotto.  It was the first bite of the chocolate souffle however that helped me realize once again that this is my thing.  Funny how things work out as this trip was about the originals reuniting and it was in the moments without them that I rediscovered something that I loved.  If I had to do this weekend all over again – I wouldn’t change a thing. 
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Flying High

All Blacks Plane

So there I was on Friday night – hauling ass to the airport as the rain poured down.  Surprisingly, our shuttle came with a driver who possessed mad skills and so we got to the airport in record time despite all the traffic on the road.  You would think that would be a sign for smooth sailing.  NO.  Not only did we have our gate changed on us but we were also told that our flight was going to be delayed.  Yes, that was enough to annoy me as I was already in a rather cranky mood to begin with.  I was only going to be in Wellington for the weekend and the last thing I could afford to do was get stuck at the airport. 

But as we boarded the plane – all my yammering stopped.  All I could think was ahhh, new plane smell.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – it’s like new car smell but better.  The delay and other little nuisances were all worth it as I had just boarded one of the new All Blacks planes.  It was beautiful.  And to top off the glamour of the new plane – there was complimentary cheese and wine to boot.  Yes…you read correctly – COMPLIMENTARY WINE!!!  Sweet as!

Our view from the plane

The wine…the cheese…the new plane smell made everything so much better.   Even the passenger sitting next to me who was leaking into my seat wasn’t enough to turn my mood sour.  Like I said, complimentary wine.  My friend and I sat there and admired the new plane sipping our wine while checking out the view between the non-stop chatter.  And before I knew it we were in Wellington.  Hopefully this was just the beginning of the good things to come this weekend.

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