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Vicariously Living Through UK Rugby Boy

Since coming to New Zealand, everyone knew that I wanted nothing more than to go to Toast of Martinborough this year.  Sadly, the tickets sold out in minutes and I was left standing empty-handed.  For the world of me, I couldn’t figure out how to get my grubby little hands on tickets and then a couple of weeks ago, UK Rugby Boy (yes, the one that I stored the dead baby bag for and who still owes me huge for that!!!) pings me to let me know that he’s scored a ticket through work.  I was super excited…everything my little heart could desire until I found out it was just to rub it in that he had a ticket and I didn’t.  What a friend…did I say that he still hasn’t repaid me for storing the dead baby bag yet.  Sure, he asked if he could get one for me as well but no luck (PS – the thought was nice but doesn’t make it any better).  Since I couldn’t give you my opinion of Toast this year, the best I can do is give you his take of the event – below is what he had to say to me (I’m going to be kind and not include commentary from the phone call on Sunday night which I believe was fueled by feelings of guilt of keeping me from this event):

There are a few moments when you realise that your life whilst away is completely different from that to the one you were living back at home, and drunken grinding with a not un-famous radio personality whilst in the glorious sunshine at 4.30 PM on Sunday in the middle of a winery dancing to a trio of girls dressed in outrageous blonde wigs and sparkly trousers covering ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer might be close to the top of these epiphanies.  You see, I’d managed to find my way to Martinborough for the annual ‘Toast’ festival. Renowned throughout New Zealand, it involves 9 of the most famous wineries in the Martinborough Region opening their doors to 10,000 people and putting on one hell of a show.  They all have a few musicians (some more famous than others), a selection of their various wines and some incredible food. I particularly enjoyed a venison burger which I’d gladly have over and over again.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are more than a few drunken people come the end of the day. And I’m not ashamed to say I was one of them. But what do I care? With a glass of Martinborough’s finest Sav in my hand, I’ll gladly raise a toast to Toast and reminisce on the great memories.

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