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Denied in Franz Josef

View from a helicopter

The stop I was most looking forward to was Franz Josef so I could go on a glacier hike.  I wanted to do the heli-hike that was going to cost me just shy of $400 but it was going to be well worth it.  As instructed by the safety video – I disclosed the fact that I had 2 knee surgeries and my ACL reconstructed amongst other things and followed the instructions to show up before the group the morning of the hike.

I woke up early like a kid on Christmas Day to get everything together at warp speed so I could get over to the office as I was expecting to get special/extra safety instructions.  What happened that morning was that I was denied by the guide to go on the hike as he didn’t take up people who had their ACL done.  I get it would be an expensive hassle if I tweaked my knee on the glacier and for the record,  it wasn’t his safety concern that pissed me off but the fact that nothing was said to me the day before.  As I had tunnel vision about doing nothing but this hike in Franz Josef – I was left standing there at 8am with nothing to do all day and in a rather bad mood to put it mildly.

Hanging out on a glacier

So there  I was in a mad scramble to figure out my day.  Thankfully, I remembered that our fearless Stray Driver was doing the scenic flight and decided to crash his plans – after some mad texting and slight stalking on my part, he relentless gave up and was my buddy for the scenic flight…he loves having me around but will deny it to anyone who asks (just silly if you ask me).  The scenic flight was beautiful and provided me with great photo opportunities but it didn’t help lighten my bad mood from being shut out from earlier this morning.

Before you start feeling sorry for me (I know it’s a long shot as I’m in NZ living the dream), I also


 booked a horseback riding trip and simply put – it was amazing.  Leo (my horse) and I got to go across rivers and into bush trails on a beautiful sunny day and nothing could have melted my sour mood better than that.  I forgot about taking pictures and just relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the region as Leo and I did our best to trek through everything without any incidents that would require expensive medical assistance or me falling off as I didn’t notice the tree branch in my way.

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