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Hitchin’ A Ride

Track leading to the beach

A full day of activities in Abel Tasman would have been amazing if it wasn’t raining so damn hard.  What’s there to do in a National Park when the weather is absolute shit?  NOTHING.  So I sat around all day like everyone else on my Stray bus bored out of my mind.  Mid-afternoon, the heavy rain let up and people started talking about walking to Split Apple Rock.  In the end I decided against going with the group because it looked like the rains were picking up again but about 5 minutes after they departed, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  What’s a girl going to do other than run after the group with her American buddy trying to catch up with everyone.

We yelled and ran but the group wasn’t in sight so we decided the next best thing was to hitchhike until we saw them.  We first got onto a bus with a tour group heading to Nelson and since we didn’t run into a group at all on the way there – he dropped us off at the road that would get us to Split Apple Rock.  After walking for 10 minutes it was obvious we were in for a bigger hike than expected and so we decided the smartest thing to do was to continue hitchhiking.  A lady on her way to get mail picked us up and dropped us off at the track leading down to the Split Apple Rock.

Split Apple Rock

We walked the 15 minutes down the steep stairs to the beach and Split Apple Rock.  The entire way – there was no sign of anyone we knew.   Maybe they had turned around or decided to go elsewhere but whatever it was – we made it there and back before the group who left before us.  Also, encase you’re wondering, we made the decision to hitchhike back as well and caught a ride from a South African family in a Campervan (the lady was totally against it and said no to us several times until her husband yelled at us to get into the van) and some dude driving a kayaking pick up/drop off bus.  Round trip was just over an hour and considering the ease of getting there and back – well worth the trip.   

As for the group that left before us – they decided to go on the beach to get there (that’s why we didn’t see them on the road at all) and had to boulder hop and then walk the 10km back on the road.  They might not have found the trip as worthwhile as we did but it was all good fun at the end of the day.

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