Unexpected Yet Delicious Treat

The Organic Cafe

It was Day 1 in Aitutaki and after a quick tour of the island I was left to my own devices.  Considering it was a gorgeous day, it seemed only right to go have a wonder so with my camera in hand, I set off to see what trouble I could get myself into.  I strolled along the beach for a bit and just as I was starting to feel snacky, I noticed a sign for an organic cafe (Tauono’s Garden Cafe just encase you’re wondering) and thought why not.  I left the beach and walked up the path only to find that the place was jam-packed.  Everyone was seated in a little garden outside with a chalkboard that had the 3 specials for the day.  As there weren’t any empty seats in the house, I was told to squeeze in with a local and 2 other tourists as it doesn’t hurt to make new friends.

Turns out this little organic cafe I stumbled upon was a big deal.  Everything was homemade and all the ingredients for the daily specials came from the garden.  Just encase you’re wondering, for my meal I choose the breadfruit lasagna and a glass of lemonade.  What came out to me were 3 plates of food along with a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade.  As far as the plates of food go, there was the breadfruit lasagna with leaves and flowers (all editable and supposedly the same amount of Vitamin C as 2 oranges) while the 2nd plate contained a star fruit salsa, a garden salad with marinated carrots, and finally a small 3rdone for the spicy banana.  All in all, the cafe was an excellent find as the food was amazing even if it was more than I could eat in one sitting.

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A Bird’s Eye View

The view from the plane on the way to Aitutaki was outstanding and just a preview of what's to come...

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Early Bird Catches The Worm

Before we all went our separate ways - we made a pack to rise with the sun to get atleast one amazing photo on Muri Beach.

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Mozzies Vs Shazza

Mozzies are like a younger sibling where the more you try to get rid of him – the more he’ll keep buzzing around you.  I am aware of this fact and have come to terms with my relationship with this particular insect and so before leaving Auckland, I made sure to stock up on an assortment of tropical strength sprays and gels with 80% DEET to ensure that I could be mosquito proof the entire time I was in the Cooks. 

Unfortunately, I might as well have just flushed money down the drain as it didn’t repel the invincible mozzies that live on these islands.  It really didn’t matter how much DEET I’ve covered up with (I might as well be radioactive at this stage) – they were still coming after me like I was fresh meat on the island.  Just hours after landing, not only had I been bit from head to toe but the freaky fellas have also managed to get me just behind the ear – why are my ears always getting assaulted?  ARG!

I’m not even a week in and covered in little red welts an every inch of exposed skin that looked biteable to these critters.  There is nothing attractive about this and just as I start recovering, I got a whole fresh set of bites.  As it stands right now, the final tally is dismal and just embarrassing on my part: Mozzies 27…Shazza 0.

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Pub Crawl…What Pub Crawl?

This might just be the anal uptight bitch in me coming out but what’s up with “island time”?  Do you get to an island and loss the ability to tell time along with the common decency to be respectful and show up places on time?  If someone said that they’re going to pick you up between 7:15 – 7:30pm then shouldn’t you just expect them to show up then?  What I’ve come to realize is NO.  The reason for this rant is that there were 3 of us waiting for the bus taking us on the pub crawl through Rarotonga.  We waited and waited and waited and NOTHING!  It was closing in on 9pm and it was becoming apparent that we’d be stood up.

Never say die until the fat lady sings right?  While attempting the logistics of how the 3 of us would fit on a scooter for our own personal pubcrawl, we were joined by a 4th and it became apparent that the wise thing to do was call a cab (surprisingly, there is one on the island).  Jason’s Taxi was not only our DD that night but also someone who actually shows up when they said they would as well (this shouldn’t amaze me but it does…).    

Anyway, moral of the story is pubcrawl or no pub crawl – we still got our night out on the town.  Great company and fun bars but the highlight for me was munching down on a chicken pocket as we waited for Jason’s Taxi to come take us home.  What can I say – I’m a sucker for street meat!

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