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Turbo Tourism At Its Best

Tapping That Bridge!

The English Rose and I made a deal – it was do or die on our last day together in Sydney.  We were going for gold or in layman’s terms: we were going to see and do as much as humanly possible and then see and do a few things more.  The day started off at the crack of dawn where we went to the rocks for a little brekkie and a stroll (Rocks – check!) as we made our way to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Turns out we just couldn’t turn up and climb the bridge immediately and so we reserved a spot in the evening vowing to return with all the gusto we could muster.

As we strolled away from the harbour bridge, it became really obvious that our next move would be to

Beautiful but Overcrowded Manly!

jump onto a ferry (we paid a little extra for a fast ferry to go along with our turbo day but shhh, that’s our little secret!) and head over to Manly Beach (Harbour Cruise – check!  Manly Beach – check!).  It was while walking along the boardwalk at Manly Beach that it became apparent that our light breakfast had left us wanting more so it was time to break for food – don’t judge just because it’s only 10am at this point (smoothie – check!).

After we returned back from Manly, the decision was made to head over to the Opera Houseand have a nosy about (Opera House –

Showing Off The Stuff The Opera House Is Made Of!

check!).  While we were there, we caught a glimpse of the Botanical Gardens and thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a wander through that  (Botanical Gardens – check!).  As we spent longer than anticipated on our unscheduled stop at the gardens, it was a quick sandwich for lunch before we boarded our ferry to Darling Harbour (Free WiFi – check!  Darling Harbour – check! Tacky Souvenir Hunting – check!).

It was while strolling around Darling Harbour that we realized that we had just enough time to go to the Aquarium (Sydney Aquarium – check!  Buying Tito the Turtle – check!) before grabbing the ferry back to make our bridge climb time.  When we were on this ferry, we quickly realized that we were pooped.  So the logical conclusion was to stop for a milkshake (protein baby!) to fuel up before the tapped that bridge!

The milkshake did the trick as we tapped that bridge without breaking a sweat (Sydney Harbour Bridge – check!) and had dinner to look forward to.  Starving, we had decided that Italian was the only way to go (I will not go into the details of hunting for the right restaurant as that was another feat all in itself!)  Before I knew it, it was time to bid the English Rose farewell as she went off to pack and unpack her bag before heading off to the airport.  It may have been a rather pricey and hectic day but I couldn’t have imagined a better one.  We were one hell of a team and on that bright and sunny Saturday, we took the gold!

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