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So This Is Christmas…

The fish in our snorkelling area

Christmas Day rolled around and I found myself getting out of bed feeling sick.  Damn you flu!  But before I could complain and sulk about it, my kiwi travel-mate told me to get over it as we were heading out to the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel on a beautiful day.  So I put on my best “I’m not sick face” and got ready for our trip.

I had visions of finding Nemo dancing in my head as we headed out into the sea and kept drinking tea in order to drown the flu.  By the time we arrived, I was armed with my stinger suit (essentially a human condom used as protection from jellyfish…take that jellyfish!), flippers, a snorkel mask, and a can-do attitude.  Strangely, before I knew it, I was in the water and feeling panicky.  Don’t feel sorry for me though as my kiwi travel-mate came to the rescue once again by telling me to snap out of it and got me out of my head and snorkelling my little heart out.

The cherry on top that day was that I took to the sky to view the reef… hello, my name is Sharen and I’m addicted to helicopter rides! 

View from the sky

It was beautiful and worth being the unprepared and slightly wet chick running to catch the flight in a bikini (did I mention that there were 3 people on my flight and I was the only one not fully clothed).  If I had taken a few seconds to think about it – it might have made me self-conscious but instead, I just enjoyed the views and forgot about the details.  This may not have been the typical Christmas but still just as enjoyable.

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Cuddly Koalas My Ass!


My Koala Cuddle Photo

When they advertiser cuddling a koala, they forget to tell you that everything is not exactly as seen.  My experience was far from the worst one as I just had the little unhappy looking guy claw up my back as he demonstrated his death grip on one of my tank top straps.  Truth be told though, I wasn’t upset or angry as there were rumours going around that the day before there was a koala in a bad mood so who kept pooping on people.  I figured I got lucky since I managed to get a photo with only a few scratches that’ll heal and remained poop-free for the rest of the day.

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Single Serving Friend?

As I was flying with my tour group from Alice Springs to Cairns, I figured I’d be sitting with them.  NOPE!   I was the lucky girl who got seated next to a leathery outback redneck who managed to skull 4 beers and then asked me if I could let him out so he could go to the toilet to smoke (I’m thinking that I most likely mis-heard what he actually said to me but it’s hard to keep hope alive while watching him place his smokes in his pocket).   Awesome!   I couldn’t have been more excited to reach Cairns as quickly as we did so I could hang out with my beloved tour group again.

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