On The Hunt For A Little Sunshine

One of my struggles with living in Ireland that I talked about openly and relentlessly was the weather.  I thought I’d be able to cope being from Vancouver but it turned out that I had no idea what I was in for.  I hate to admit it but after a while I started to believe that the sky was actually bluer in Ireland because of how amazed I was every time it peeked out from beneath the blanket of grey clouds.  I knew exactly how ridiculous this thought was but still couldn’t help myself.  It also didn’t help that I was able to count the amount of sunny days I experienced in Ireland on my hands and remembered each one with vivid clarity as they were the best things that ever happened to me.

The View While Walking Around Old Town

The View While Walking Around Old Town

I finally came to the conclusion that enough was enough and my days gallivanting around Europe would have to feature the sun heavily to make things right in my world.  To make up for the lost sunshine in my life, I decided to start of my days as a jobless layabout in Croatia.  As it was the sun I was after, I decided that the only place to start would be Zadar.  After all, Hitchcock said that it has the most beautiful sunset in the world and from the moment the flight was booked, I was dreaming of laying out in the sun all day only to witness (and instagram…silly little addiction but I suppose we all have one) this majestic moment.  My fantasy was perfect but as luck would have it, reality was going to be a hard pill to swallow!

The Patch of Grass Where I Caught Some Rays

The Patch of Grass Where I Caught Some Rays

When my flight landed in Zadar, it was sunny but not as warmed as I was hoping for.  Nevertheless, it was perfect t-shirt weather and it was good to feel the sun kiss my skin once again.  I spent the day roaming around the old town and getting myself orientated and eating a little bit (aka a lot more than I’ll ever admit) of gelato before heading over to the sea organ.  It was here that I stretched out and truly appreciated being in the presence of the sun once again.  It looked as though locals and tourists alike were doing exactly what I was doing at that moment.  Just as I was getting comfortable, I realized that I was no longer bathing in the sunlight.  In the brief moment when I shut my eyes, the clouds had rolled in and started covering up the sky.  The sky was looking that familiar grey once again as if it had tagged along on my flight from Dublin with me.  And that was it.  Before I knew it, the rains poured down and the dream of seeing the world’s most beautiful sunset had died.  Fear sunk into my heart and I was just hoping that the weather would improve as I made my way to Dubrovnik the next day.


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One thought on “On The Hunt For A Little Sunshine

  1. I’m an Australian living in Scotland, and I always get asked how I cope with the winters. My stock answer is, ‘I love the winter, it’s the summer, or lack of summer, that I struggle with.’

    My first summer here, I didn’t pull out the sandals and t-shirts at all! I was waiting for summer, and missed it! I consider a trip to southern Europe in the summer is an essential requirement for my sanity while living here.

    I hope you had better luck in Dubrovnik.

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