East For Easter

A long time ago, I said I would tell the truth and nothing but the whole truth.  So I would like to say that my decision to go to Prague was well thought out and researched since I was looking for a different spin on Easter than the usual chocolate bunnies and hidden eggs commercialism.  But the real story of why I found myself in Prague over Easter is due to a travel Russian roulette of sorts.  The NZ Welshie and I chose our top 3 destinations/travel timing and by pure fluke it turned out to be Prague over Easter.  To add insult to injury, with the chaos that is my work life, my apartment turned B&B, and a few weekend getaways here and there, left me with no time to research or plan much of anything.  When push came to shove there was nothing to do other than buckle up and enjoy whatever was to come my way!

Beautifully painted eggs from one of the Easter Market stalls

Beautifully painted eggs from one of the Easter Market stalls

By the time I had made sure that my seat back and tray tables were in their upright and locked positions – the worries of  Good Friday conference calls and teaching an old dog new tricks had all vanished into thin air.  There were no other plans in place other than finding the NZ Welshie somewhere in Terminal 1 to begin our Easter weekend adventure.  Hopefully this one steered away from “bitches be crazy” drama we faced the last time we spent Easter together.  From the moment we met, we realized that both of us had been under the gun with everyday life and so no plan was going to have to be the best plan.  As the taxi swerved on that ever so windy road, we decided that when it comes to Prague it was probably a good idea to cover the basics like Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Prague Castle, and the Astronomical Clock.  To add to this we decided to sprinkle a little jazz on the water, some street art eye candy, and a few munchies from the markets on route to a whole lot of Czech cuisine was the way to go.

Popular snack from the Easter Markets

Popular snack from the Easter Markets

The Market in Old Town Square

The Market in Old Town Square

What we forgot to factor into our back seat planning was the weather, the crowds, and the time change!  Yes, there’s nothing you can do about crowds but why would the clocks spring forward when the flurries all around us were clearly signalling it was still winter is just beyond me.  Despite these few setbacks, the NZ Welshie and I managed to do enough on our hit list for me to know that I liked Prague.  I say like as I wasn’t blown away by Prague like everyone kept telling me I would be.  I found the city to be architectural beautiful with a lot to offer but there was just something missing for me.  Chemistry perhaps?  To this day, I’m still not sure exactly what it was but I haven’t completely ruled out that “second date” just yet!

The Astronomical Clocks in Old Town Square

The Astronomical Clocks in Old Town Square

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5 thoughts on “East For Easter

  1. I loved Prague!

    I wonder if expectations play a part. I had little expectation when it came to visiting Prague, and I was blown away by the place, and the whole country. However, before I visited Amsterdam, I’d been told by many that it was one of their favourite cities, so my expectations were high, and it simply didn’t ‘click’ with me.

  2. that’s great that you visited Prague; it’s definitely on my to-do list! I wonder if it’ll have that “chemistry” for me that it lacked for you or if it doesn’t, i wonder if i’ll be able to put my finger on anything specific that is missing.

    • Hi Ryan – Its definitely worth having on a to-do list. If you put your finger on why Prague and I didn’t click – please fill me in 🙂

      • Haha. Will do!
        And I’ll definitely be making a to-do list or two on my own blog sometime soon, maybe today; gotta write things down or I’ll end up forgetting and regretting right? 🙂

      • Personally, I find I actually follow through if I write it down so doing a to-do list is a way for me to make dreams a reality so to speak. Hope you’re enjoying all that Van has to offer before heading across the pond. 🙂

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