Dating Dilemmas In A World Full of Douchebags

A replica of my meal that evening at the Chophouse

Between mouthfuls of steak to sober up my intoxicated body, I had a few Irish girls feeding me juicy tidbits about the culture differences that exist in the realm of dating between the rest of the world and Ireland.  Like everything else in life, you have to take things with a grain of salt but the moment they opened up and spewed out tales of NYC – I was SOLD!  It all started out with the notion that these foreign men were totally and utterly insane with the potential of being serial killers.  After all, what man in his right mind would approach a lady stone-cold sober in the middle of the day and ask if she would like to have dinner.  Dim Sum…are you CRAZY?  That obviously translates to my head’s going to wind up in a freezer!  As a group of young lassies from Ireland, they checked with each other to confirm that these men were weird.  Coffee?  Who asks you to have coffee?  And why would a guy ever talk to you when he was sober?

As we continued to talk, the conversation became the highlight of the evening and that’s saying a lot as the food was to die for!  I was quickly informed that my standards would need to be lowered to date Irish men but don’t blame them for that as they really don’t know how to interact with women or anything about being a gent as that’s something the British do.  They also lack the confidence that men from other countries possess so liquid courage is required before they can stumble their way towards you and slur something to register their interest.  From experience, it’s usually along the lines of “I like you” followed by uncomfortable staring and attempts to face-rape. UGH!  If this wasn’t bad enough, I was further informed that I couldn’t judge a guy’s interest by the date because dating never involves dinner or any kind of forethought, always involves alcohol, and if he pays…well, that’s the equivalent of finding a pot of gold and this doesn’t even touch on the fact that they all want someone exotic and different, refuse to label relationships, and would jump at the chance to be a player if opportunity presented itself.

Sadly, everything that these girls were saying rang true as I’ve experienced some their pain first hand but unlike them, I still expect better which has led to rather awkward 1st date conversations that begin with I don’t mean to be a diva but REALLY!  As we swapped horror stories and filled the restaurant with laughter – it was noted that this is just the average experience but as with all things in life  there are exceptions.  With all this information firmly implanted in my brain, I’m not holding my breath to meet the exception but am a little confused as to why Irish men in particular like to constantly teased me about how I’ll meet a nice bloke in Ireland and never leave.  With all the cultures differences in play, fingers crossed that they’re not just hinting that I’m about to get kidnapped and locked in some dude’s basement for the rest of my life!

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6 thoughts on “Dating Dilemmas In A World Full of Douchebags

  1. I agree with that alcohol and the dating scene in Ireland is a bit too intertwined. I am setting up a new dating network called where groups of people meet outside the pub setting.

  2. Great post. haha, it sounds strangely familiar… but good thing I’m not here to date any of the irish ;P
    I’m on Dublin work swap too. How’s your experience been?

    • Hi Vania! Glad you enjoyed the post and its super funny that you can relate. I’ve had my ups and downs like with anything else but glad for the experience. How about yourself?

  3. Anonymous

    Hahaha that’s funny! Good luck with that!

    • leftturnahead

      Thanks! Hopefully there’ll be a diamond in the rough amongst all of that 🙂

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