Gut – Don’t Fail Me Now!

I’m the girl who made the brilliant decision to move to a country in recession in hopes of securing a career related position that would allow me to keep gallivanting around the world.  “Why Ireland?”, is still ringing in my ears but I ignored all the warning about what a colossal mistake I was about to make and how there’s no jobs so to quit a job to go be jobless in my local of choice was absolute insanity.  What people seem to forget about me is that I tend to leap blindly and fearlessly into things that tickle my fancy.  I have a stead-fast believe that things will always work out and in part that might prevent me from stressing and over analyzing my gut decision the way normal people do.

That said, I’m not an idiot that was expecting rainbows and unicorns the moment I landed in Dublin.  I’m fully aware that I have an impressive CV but I was still anticipating a struggle to secure work that didn’t make me want to blow my brains out in boredom.  Getting a job would be easy but getting the job I wanted…not so much but that’s the holy grail I was after.  What I wasn’t expecting was to be interviewing like a woman on crack (sometimes as many as 3 a day) during the slowest time of the year in a recession and have several offers on the table that would make the average backpacker piss their pants.  What I’ll wholeheartedly admit is that I’m not your average backpacker as I’m older with massive amounts of work experience and skills that are in short supply (worldwide – not just Ireland).  I feel the need to mention this as the average person coming to Ireland to live and work still struggles but this isn’t what my first world problems are all about.

My problems all began when the offers started rolling in fast and furiously and it wasn’t about which offer to take as much as dealing with the companies that couldn’t handle the fact that I didn’t pick them.  Trying to explain to them that the offer I picked was based on a gut decision failed tremendously as they challenged me every step of the way.  Is it appropriate to use its me not you in this situation?  There was a blatant disregard to the fact that I was in London and technically on holidays as my mobile was ringing off the hook.  I quickly learned that ignoring it meant that the calls wouldn’t stop and so I gave in and booked call times that wouldn’t change my mind but would incur heaps (yes, my kiwi throwback!) of roaming charges.

At the end of the day, these other companies didn’t get what they wanted from me and thus, there is no doubt in my mind that those bridges are burnt.  I remained professional under all circumstances and explained my reasoning to the best of my ability but how is approaching me with, “Do you not know who we are!?!”, an acceptable rationalization?  I will be the first to say that I hate bullies, power struggles, and the need to play office politics – especially when getting hit with this triple threat even before the job starts!  If that’s not a warning sign than I really don’t know what is.  After 3 days of all of this, I have never been more certain that I made the right choice.  Fingers crossed that going with the smallest company of the bunch with no international offices won’t be my first blind leap of faith that I come to regret.

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4 thoughts on “Gut – Don’t Fail Me Now!

  1. Yes- go with your gut! I’m sure you did the right thing. Awesome that you had a choice, but it does make life more difficult:) Apparently these companies don’t realise that during an interview, a potential employee is also interviewing the company… listen to those warning signs!

  2. Wow! I didn’t realize people would harass a person so much for not accepting a job!

    • I didn’t think it happened either. I chose a smallish Irish company over the big international ones and I know typically people don’t do that so wondering of that’s what fueled the “bullying”…

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