Wicklow – Ain’t Nothing Without Gerard Butler!

This weekend marked the reunification of the English Rose and Shazza after our death-defying yet entertaining trip down under.  Yes, there had been text messages, emails, and fb posts but let’s face it after Sydney, she had flown to the other side of the world and I was changing locations like most should change their underwear and so a reunion was never in the cards until I finally settled in Ireland.  There’s that age-old question of what one should do when an old friend visits but sadly, this didn’t occur to me until the day she was landing.  Thankfully, somewhere between rushing to and from interviews and a snickers for lunch, I managed to book us on the Wild Wicklow Tour for first thing Saturday morning.

Why this tour you ask?  Well, there was something on the brochure that said something about P.S. I Love You.  Truth be told, I didn’t really read it in-depth but it came highly recommended so I was sold!  Thinking back, I don’t really remember the scenes from the movie as all I can remember is that Gerard Butler stars in it.  Well, come Saturday morning, we’re outside dressed in winter clothes (Yay, Irish summer – how I love you!), praying for a little sunshine, and waiting to be picked up by the Mercedes coach to take us on our next great adventure.  Right off the bat it was looking good as we spotted and beeline for the exit row seats to get a little extra leg room (you know that at a towering 5’2″, I need all the extra leg room I can get!).  Soon after that, the rest of the passengers began to pile in but it became very obvious very quickly that there was no Gerard Butler on board.  We only seemed to have a Spanish buzz starting on our left and a full German assault directly in front of us.  OH JOY!

What started off as hopeful with staking claim of the extra leg room seating, quickly became anything but.  Everywhere we stopped was far from “off the beaten path” as advertised.  Yes, I saw the pretty seaside and discovered where Bono lived but there was no sign of Gerard Butler as we wound up and around little villages seen in this or that movie that I don’t remember.  There were rolling green hills after rolling green hills and when that got boring we would discover more greenness surrounded by some water feature and dotted with sheep.  There wasn’t anything wrong with where we stopped or what we had seen but hailing from beautiful British Columbia and previously living in New Zealand, it was hard to find this impressive unless Gerard Butler somehow made an appearance as I had seen it all before but in the sunshine.

As my luck would have it – what did come to visit us were a few more showers and a gust of chilly wind instead of Gerard Butler.  If it wasn’t the magnificent company of the English Rose who understood my insane desire to constantly be searching for wi-fi and exactly what was acceptable as stellar conversation than I might have attempted to stab myself with a spoon while at the countryside pub (surprisingly, not seen in any movie to my knowledge) to bring the tour to a swift and somewhat painful end.  It pains me to say it but while touring Ireland, I would say that its worth giving Wicklow and The Wild Wicklow Tour a miss…even if you manage to do it with Gerard Butler.

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3 thoughts on “Wicklow – Ain’t Nothing Without Gerard Butler!

  1. Andy Smith

    The Wicklow Way offers wonderful experience to walkers and it would be challenge for them. The Wicklow Way is Ireland’s longest-established long distance path and extremely popular with walkers. For more information visit http://www.hillwalkireland.com/blog/walking-the-wicklow-way.

  2. I didn’t realize it was so cold there now!

    • I’ve been told that this summer is colder with more rain than what Ireland usually gets. I guess I’m just going to have to travel to get a little piece of summer this year…

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