House Hunter’s International…Yah Right!

Before I left Toronto, someone I know (possibly even the same person who flat hunted and lived with me in Auckland) made an off-handed comment about how I could be on House Hunter’s International when the conversation turned to what I was going to do about housing. It’s funny how quickly one can forget about the hassles of finding a place to live in a foreign country and just think of it in terms of what you see on TV.

First and foremost, I want to live on my own – I can make a lot of excuses like I’m a hermit and such but it all boils down to rather unfortunate experiences in NZ that lead me to the realization that I’m just not programmed to share. Unfortunately, it was this particular decision that also lead to a lot of grief as landlords in Ireland will not trust someone who has just arrived in the country and doesn’t have employment lined up. After much rejection, I finally found 3 landlords that would let me view their apartments and thus, without keeping my very North American standards in check, I began my very own version of this popular HGTV show.

Property #1 with curb appeal

Property #1 was the furthest away but also the cheapest and could be found on a beautiful tree-lined street. The curb appeal was fantastic but it seemed to be all that this place had to offer as it was hard to hide the shock on my face when I saw how small the place was but after some thought, I came to the realization it was functional. The worst of it, however, was there was no dishwasher or washer/dryer to be found anywhere – WTF, am I going to need to start dating to deal with cleaning? Property #2 didn’t do much more to impress as it was nothing more than an unmarked door next to a restaurant. After hoofing it 3 flights of tight and steep stairs – I made it to the place and despite having a new bathroom and kitchen equipped with the ever popular washer/dryer combo, it was still hard to imagine living here. The carpets were gross, the furniture didn’t do much to help matters, and the space was just a little awkward. My hopes were getting dashed but I was able to pull it together to go check out Property #3. It was in the same neighbourhood as Property #2 and also had 3 flights of stairs with beautiful green carpeting but after what I show earlier, I knew better than to reject this place before I even stepped inside. Inside the apartment was freshly painted with new carpets and despite being small, it had a functional layout with a washer/dryer and even a tub! It still amazing me that the tub was a luxury but still no dishwasher so dating might have to be the practical solution to that problem.

So it’s now that time where I need to pick between Property #1, 2 or 3 or throw caution to the wind and magically come up with a new plan. The fact of the matter is that none of them are perfect and I’ll have to make compromises despite which one I choose. So I’ve come up with the only solution possible – sleep on it and then make a decision as soon as I wake and for better or worse – live with it for the year of my life!

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2 thoughts on “House Hunter’s International…Yah Right!

  1. Welcome to Europe đŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Russ! Just have to keep reminding myself that all those stairs are good for my legs…even if they won’t see the light of day in Ireland!

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