Feels Like An Uphill Battle…

Lately, I’ve morphed into the annoying the girl who is constantly doing the NZ vs Ireland comparison and as much as I hate to admit it, NZ is looking good in this particular comparison.  As a new arrival to Ireland, I feel as though the man (or is it just jetlag?) is trying to hold me down by making me do a bunch of dumb stuff that I wish could have been taken care of before I arrived (a far away time when I was awake and alert).  

Sadly, that’s not the case so when I arrived and presented my larger than life visa – I got a stamp in my passport saying my days to go and get a GNIB card and another passport stamp were numbered.  So after a rather dull and dry orientation (sorry, but is there any other kind), I was off to the immigration office to deal with never-ending lineups so the threat of getting kicked out of this country due to a silly little mistake could be avoided.  After 4 hours which felt like eternity, I had numerous stamps dirtying up my brand spanking new passport and a GNIB card with a picture equivalent to the worst mug shot ever.  But I couldn’t be happier as step 1 was complete.  

As for everything else – well, I made the executive decision to put it on hold.  The reason to pump the brakes all boils down to getting a bank account opened.  The issue with opening a bank account in Ireland is that a residence in Ireland is needed and proof of this is required with an official document (something like mail from the government sending your PPS number). In terms of getting a PPS number, I have the option of using the USIT address to do it but then I will not be able to open a bank account until I find employment and get my employer to write me a letter so I can bank with their bank.  As I hate having these type of decisions made for me – here I am, sans house, PPS number, and bank account.  All of which I need urgently.

Tonight, as I think about what to do about my housing situation, I realize that a lot more is riding on this decision than just a place to live.  Having a place to live gets me one step closer to actually beginning my brand new life in Dublin and to me that’s priceless.  But will settling on an apartment instead of holding out for the perfect one make me miserable?  I will no doubt toss and turn about this all night tonight and there’s that nagging little voice in the back of my head that keeps saying why couldn’t it all be more like NZ where these things took a total of 1 day as no proof of accommodation was ever required.

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4 thoughts on “Feels Like An Uphill Battle…

  1. Just try being a foreign resident coming to Canada. You’ve got it easy over there, trust me. They won’t let you get a bank account here without a SIN and you can’t get a SIN as easily as you could about 5 years ago. Whenever you feel like you’re facing an uphill battle, just remember – at least you’re not trying to get into Canada or the US. Everywhere else (except London) is a cake walk :D. Now GET SOME SLEEP LADY!!

    • Yes, ma’am! I just don’t understand why they have to make it so difficult when it truly was a cake walk in NZ. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Remember when we sorted out bank accounts in NZ. Took all of about 20 mins, no crazy paperwork needed. Just done.

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