Hidden Gem: Ear Raper’s Paradise

There was this thing that happened to me back in June and to be perfectly honest no matter how much I’ve closed my eyes and pretended it never happened – IT DID.  This thing that happened was with someone I knew (someone who I stupidly trusted to never ever pull any bullshit move on me either) decided to give me a wet willy with his tongue.   To this day, I don’t understand why or what compelled him to do it…was my ear saying, “open for business” without the rest of me being unaware of it? 

Gross factor aside, I came up with many reasons to rationalize why anyone would ever do that to another human being…ever!  Mental illness and mean prank from his wife (yah, don’t even get me started on that) to keep him from cheating was high on the list.  Also, the amount of alcohol consumed might have been a contributing factor (note that I said factor not excuse…) that made it all seem like a valid move in his head?

Regardless, it was one of those moments that I locked away in the vault and almost forgot about until months later.  I was with a separate but related group of people and a random brings up how he likes a little tongue in ear!  After my private WTF moment, I asked around and to my horror the majority of kiwi males in my company told me that it takes a little getting used to but they like it (giving and receiving)! Ew!     

This is something I’ll never understand but everyone is entitled to their own kinks…I guess.  The moral of my story is that if you’re like me and decide to go out on the town in NZ, make sure that you’re alert and keep all holes covered or else you might get an unexpected surprise in your ear!

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One thought on “Hidden Gem: Ear Raper’s Paradise

  1. Ick 😦

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