Just Your Average Shoeless Joe

Something that Britney and the kiwis have in common

It’s down to the wire to get rid of everything that won’t nicely fit into my suitcases and so I did what anyone in New Zealand would do when faced with the challenge of de-cluttering their life: list shit on Trademe.  One by one, my auctions ended and the bidders came and picked up my junk (oops, I mean the gentle used items they won in the auction).  Out of everyone that I met, there is one in particular that sticks in my mind.  The thing was, this bidder was the one who came to pick up a dresser but for some reason felt it was unnecessary to wear shoes.

If I was living anywhere else in the world this would have been rather disturbing (truth be told, it still is to me!) but here its just a way of life.  It seems that in New Zealand leaving your house without shoes on is common so why would it be a big deal to show up at a stranger’s house to pick up a dresser sans any form of footwear.  For some strange reason, there is a large number of people here who  think that its okay to stroll around without shoes.  Since arriving, I’ve seen people driving cars, buying groceries, strolling downtown streets, walking around in malls, and even pumping petrol without shoes on. WTF.  I don’t get it.  Forget about dirt and hygiene for a second and think pain as the streets have rocks, glass, and other sharp and painful object that can become embedded at any given second.  Don’t even get me started about syringes and contracting unwanted diseases because you stepped on something you shouldn’t have!

Anyway, that’s the end of my rant as this is one of those things that I’ll never understand and kiwis will never understand why I find it as disturbing as I do.  Word to the wise, don’t bother asking a kiwi about the shoeless thing as they either agree with me or think its weird that I would frown upon it.  Last time I brought it up, I was lectured on the freedom of being shoeless and I was just jealous because the climate of my home country won’t allow me to do such as thing.  That said, all I hope is that my disapproving thoughts about those that roam around without shoes wasn’t expressed all over my face when I opened the door to the man who came to pick up the dresser.  Despite what I think, the last thing I wanted to do was offend the man who was taking my dresser off my hands and giving me a little more spending money in the Cook Islands.

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