No Pants Party!

The photo that lead to the "wet pants" incident!

New Years Eve was around the corner and I found myself on Fraser Island (sans march flies…believe it or not!).  If I was a sane human being, I would have had an easy day involving a cat nap in order to prepare for the evening celebrations.  Sadly, sanity is one of those qualities that I lack and due to this, I decided to get as much into one day as humanly possible. 

The day started out at a reasonable hour (please take this with a grain of salt as I’m starting to think of 8am as a lie-in nowadays) and I was off with 4 others on a full day beauty spots tour of Fraser Island.  What was on the agenda for the day was Lake Mackenzie, Central Station, a walk, a shipwreck, 75 mile beach, coloured sands, and Eli Creek amongst other things.  What wasn’t advertised was the fact that I’d be visiting the bulk of these locations sans pants.

What happened this time around (yes, this is the second time that I’ve found myself on a tour sans pants) was that I was looking to get the ultimate photo of the Maheno Shipwreck when a wave came out of nowhere and drenched me from the waist down.  Damn sea – always out to get me!  By the time I had made it back to the bus, it was obvious that I was going to have to pull off my shorts as they had managed to soak up half the sea.  Have no fear though, I had a semi-wet and rather sandy towel to keep myself decent in order to avoid the disapproving looks of the families on our tour for the rest of the day.  That said, pants or not pants, this tour has been the highlight of the east coast of Australia.  My only advice is that if you’re going to do it – it might be advisable to bring a change of clothes.

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