Like A Moth To A Flame


Canada celebrating its win

I’m starting to think that there’s something wrong with me as I’m a magnet for all things weird.  Take today for example (okay, I’m starting this story after work in order to avoid re-living the “work porn” that’s left me slightly scarred).  Anyway, Canada is facing off against Tonga and I’m sporting my favourite Canadian t-shirt to support my country in RWC.  Win or loss – I’ll be out with all the other Canadians cheering on Canada no matter what.  If you think this story starts out in the pub where we’re watching the game then you’re WRONG. 

During the walk down to the pub we walked smack into a fight.  Girls punching each other in the face like boxers on the sidewalk.  Traffic being held up by an all male brawl in the middle of the street.  People ripping off their shirts to be able to get their full fight on (or that was my interpretation of what was happening).  We did our best to side-step all of it (I will admit that I thought about pulling out my camera but I was pretty sure that was going to get me decked so I refrained).  In no time we were in the safety of the pub surrounded by other peacekeeping Canadians.  The relief felt was soon exchanged for surprise as Canada was WINNING!!!  If it was hockey then it would have been expected but this was RUGBY!  There was cheering and screaming and before we knew it, Canada was victorious.  WAY TO GO CANADA!!!  It was good fun until we decided to leave the pub. 

Back on the streets of Auckland – the weirdness attached itself to me like a moth to a flame.  My friend and I were walking down the street only to hear a male voice behind us saying, “I’m right behind you”!  WTF.  She was smart enough to checked to see if he had a gun and if we were about to get rob.  NOPE.  Turns out he was just your average everyday kiwi weirdo that wanted to invade our personal space.  It was awkward.  It was weird.  But before we knew it, he moved passed us mumbling something about Tonga. 

Unfortunately that wasn’t the only Tonga mumbling for the night.  We decided to board the free bus home tonight and there was a slightly intoxicated guy rambling about Tonga joining us.  Before we knew it – he was shouting out if there were any Canadians on the bus.  The smart move probably would have been to sit silently.  But why would I ever consider doing the smart thing?  I could feel his beady little eyes on the back of my head and decided to let him know that we were Canadian.  Luckily, this didn’t get me punched out.  Instead he congratulated us on the win and mumbled something about beating us next time before starting to harass the rest of the people on the bus about the Miss Universe Pageant.   

Sadly, this is just a typical day in my life.  I have stories that people can’t believe.  Strange things happen to me over and over again.  Leaving my house usually means some sort of story will follow.  I don’t know what it is about me but atleast those around me find some sort of entertainment to the weirdness that surrounds me.

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One thought on “Like A Moth To A Flame

  1. Jimena

    Little S, too funny, Weirdness is fun as long as it’s not dangerous 😉 tee hee
    PS: Last Ms. Universe’s name was Jimena, BTW

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