Bubble Girl No More

Since moving to New Zealand, I’ve learned that 1 in 9 people here get skin cancer (it has something to do with the hole in the ozone layer above New Zealand encase you’re wondering).  Anyway, you would think using sunscreen vigilantly would be all that I would need to do, right?  WRONG.  In Canada, I tried every type of sunscreen out there and had terrible allergic reactions to all of them.  Its hideous and painful and won’t wish that type of swelling/hives on my worst enemy (well, not 100% true because some people need to be tortured in evil ways but just not the average joe).  My doctor back in Toronto brought up the idea that it might actually be an allergy to the sun but I absolutely refused to believe that.  SHE HAD TO BE JOKING!!!  So I decided that it wasn’t me but there was just something terribly wrong with the way all sunscreen in Canada was made (and possibly the US and Mexico as well).

After years and years of trying different types of sunscreen and reacting badly – I officially threw in the towel.  There’s still the physical block (essentially 100% zinc) that turns you a radioactive shade of white that I was able to use but for vanity’s sake usually voted against it unless I was spending all day in the sun in Mexico (the story behind that is that I got my first and worst sunburn in Mexico and may have thought I had flesh-eating disease until a doctor laughed at me and explained that I had a really bad sunburn and may have made a comment about how I was lucky to have my skin pigmentation) .

Anyway, that story can provide hours of cheap laughs but that’s not the point of this.  With the skin cancer rates being what they are in New Zealand, I figured it was best to go visit a pharmacy and give sunscreen another go.  I went out and spent approximately $60 on 2 bottles of natural sunscreen that I was told was very popular with people with sensitive skin and other issues in New Zealand.  If these didn’t work then there was several other types that might work for me.  Guess what – I’ve only tried the first bottle so far and nothing.  No swelling.  No hives.  NO REACTION.  As far as I’m concerned, I can stop now as I just found miracle that comes in a very expensive little tube.  I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome opposite land is and for the first time ever – I’ll be fully protected for summer this year.

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2 thoughts on “Bubble Girl No More

  1. Naomi

    OMG – that happens to me too (the rash with sunscreen, the rash without), and I was led to believe it’s a sun allergy. What is this magical sunscreen you found and how much will it cost to send it to me here?!!

    • Its called Natural Instinct – Mineral Sunscreen…still zinc but not so bad with the radioactive white bs! Its an Australian brand and I paid like $15 for a small tube that has enough sunscreen for 2 applications. If you need me to pick up a bottle for you – just let me know and send me an email with your address and I’ll send it!!!

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