Holy Vodafone Batman!

I don’t know what it is about me and telecom companies but I think they’re all secretly out to get me as though I’m their arch nemesis or something.  I thought I had to bad in Canada but that’s nothing compared to the grief I’ve experienced since coming to New Zealand.  Oh and if you’re reading this, sorry for the bitch session but its been eating away at me and now I’m at the boiling point.

To backtrack, the problem started almost 2 weeks ago when I decided to go from pre-paid to a 1 month rolling contract.  My reason for doing so is that I found myself topping up every week in order to be able to use my mobile in the manner necessary (I’m not even one of those girls who likes chatting on the phone so it’s a little baffling why I need to top up at lightening speed).  Regardless, I go into the store and fill in the contract and was told that I would receive a text or phone call in 24-48 hours letting me know that I had switched onto the 1 month rolling plan which included a bestmate.  The guy told me that I could pick anyone for a bestmate so why wouldn’t I choose my twin from another mother who’s with 2Degrees by the way.

24 hours goes by…nothing.  48 hours comes and goes and still nothing.  Then I get a text message essentially saying – haha sucker, lines of communication are cut unless you top up!   I tried topping up by credit card and got rejected as their system refused to let me register my credit card.  So I run around like a crazy lady to the store locations only to be told that my application should have gone through and nobody knows what the problem is and to return on Sunday.  So I returned on Sunday only to read the sign on the door that says CLOSED ON SUNDAY!!! Yah.  Can you say awesome customer service!  I gave up and went to a convenience store to top up so I could resume my service once again. 

The beauty of all of this is I then get a text message at work on Monday morning that said that I had a pre-paid balance of zero dollars.  So on my lunch hour – I stormed down to the store and had a fit only to find out that they rolled me onto the contract plan and I had already started using my minutes and text message allotment for the month but they’re not sure why I was not notified of this.  I made the mistake of questioning whether or not my bestmate was setup as well so I called her to complain how annoyed I was since all texts/calls to her were free.

A couple of days later, I find out that my bestmate has yet to be set up as they rejected my twin from another mother as my bestmate.  At this point, I just handed over another number saying if he’s part of the Vodafone family then whatever, he can be my bestmate as this is getting retarded.  I was guaranteed that this number would work and they would implement it into their system but then received a text message today saying that my bestmate was not valid.  So when I stormed into the store today, they let me know that the bestmate number was in the system and were able to prove it to keep me from lashing out again.  Sadly, they still weren’t able to let me know why I received the text I did or why I was never alerted to the fact that they switched my plan.  Essentially someone else was the problem…blah blah blah.

All I can say is after all the frustration that gone into dealing with is particular telecom company – I’m glad I’m finally able to get this off my chest.  If you’re coming to New Zealand – I’m not saying one company is better than the other…just saying that my experiences with one particular company has been horrible and in my opinion (take it for what its worth) I would not recommend going with them as its been my biggest regret and time suck over the last couple of weeks.

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