Crushing hard on Stingrays!


Free Shuttle Bus


As it was a grey and rainy Thursday in Auckland and my last day as a jobless layabout (well for the near future anyway) – I had to get out there and do something touristy.  But the challenge was what.  Everything fun was ruled out by the fact that I had zero desire to be outside.  Then the crazy thought popped into my head…like all the other children out there, let’s go to Kelly Tarlton‘s Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World!  So we jumped onto the free shuttle in the shape of a shark and were quickly on our way. 

The free shuttle bus was a nice touch but my favourite part of the entire afternoon at Kelly Tarlton’s had to be the stingrays.  Short-tail Stingrays is what the board providing educational information said

One of the stingrays that won my heart!


 but I think I might be slightly ADD as I couldn’t focus enough to learn anything from the interactive board providing details about these beautiful animals.  All I knew is that they’re huge and awesome.  It was really noticeable when we were in the transparent tunnel running through the centre of the tank.  When they swam overtop when I was in the tunnel it was as though I was being draped with a huge blanket as the space slightly darkened and I felt as though the stingray engulfed me.  Sweet as.

Hand feeding a shark


It does sadden me to go on and on about the stingray as my animal of choice is the shark and that’s why I dragged my flattie to Kelly Tarlton’s in the first place.  For the record – sharks still rule…I just got distracted today!  Anyway, the mission of the day was to make it to the aquarium by 2:30pm to witness the shark feeding.  We made it to the aquarium with plenty of time to witness the shark feeding and my feedback is that the sharks weren’t as hungry as I would have liked them to be.  The stingrays, however, stole the show.  I know…I’m crushing hard on the stingrays right now.  It was so cool as the divers were able to hitch onto the stingrays for a ride and hand feed them the fish.  Again, it was great to see the stingrays in action and sadly, my beloved sharks just faded into the background.

they call him clownfish...I call him Nemo!


All in all, it was time well spent and a great reason to get out of the flat this afternoon.  I never would have imagined that I would have fallen in love with stingrays today but the truth is – I did.  To be fair, the aquarium has other great sea creatures to see and the penguins aren’t half bad either but what makes Kelly Tarlton’s worth a visit is the stingrays.

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4 thoughts on “Crushing hard on Stingrays!

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  2. Pip

    I used to work here! I used to get in an feed those Stingrays!

  3. Soup

    careful. that’s how steve erwin got… got.

  4. Stingrays rock! I got to pet one at the Georgia aquarium. They are unexpectedly slimy, but sooooo adorable. But you know what I’m crushing on (besides stingrays)? That shuttle you took.

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