I Hate You Hostel!!!

It was 7pm. Diva and I were drinking sav at the pub when the mobile buzzed with the best news either one of us could have ever imagined receiving…we got the flat! I wouldn’t even let the long-haired staring/grinning blonde fool ruin this for me. Backtracking for a second, the other thing that I found out at the pub seconds before the mobile buzzed was that this guy wasn’t creepy due to a language barrier as he spoke English quite well…staring and grinning was just his preference.  All that didn’t matter as I had one more night left in my stinky boy room.  Like an excited little school girl, I packed all my stuff in preparation of leaving in the morning (long-haired staring/grinning blonde fool volunteered to help me with my bags and continued talking to me about being an adrenaline junkie and things to do in New Zealand but like I said before, I wasn’t going to let him ruin this for me).  My alarm was set and morning couldn’t come soon enough.

In the morning, I bounced down to reception and handed in my keycard and I was outta there.  No more hostel for me!  I was done and that was that.  I let everyone know that Diva and I had found a place and started spreading the news about our house-warming this weekend.  After spending a week in the hostel I can definitely say that I’ve had my fill.  I couldn’t get out of that place fast enough.  Then out of no where, a dark cloud came in and ruined my sunshine moment.  While signing the paperwork for the flat, we found out that the carpet cleaning hadn’t been done and thus, our move-in date had to be delayed until Saturday. WTF!

After a silent freak-out I went back to the hostel with my tail tucked between my legs and sadly asked to stay for another couple of nights.  The only silvering lining is that I requested to room with Diva and Gutter Slut this time around.  Don’t get me wrong…I still hate the hostel but will be a little better without the boy stink!

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4 thoughts on “I Hate You Hostel!!!

  1. That sucks! Boy stink is not fun I’m sure, nor is creepy staring/grinning… German boys can be nice though! Too bad this one is weird 😦 A few more days and you’re outta there!!! Chin up 😀

    • Haha. The staring/grinning dude left Auckland this morning but once the seal was broken – it was just mind boggling. No idea why he didn’t speak to me for a week and then when I ran into him at a pub it was like he thought it’d be funny to smack me on the side of the face with an endless flow of words. I’ve just decided that boys are weird and I’ll never understand them.

  2. Boy stink. That’s funny and tragic at the same time. Like a sad clown. (sorry Katie)

    Love the updates and hey–at least you got the flat. My luck is similar though. Always a complication to delay the gratification. They say patience is a virtue but after a while having to be patient all the time starts to piss you off.

    Good luck with the housewarming and be sure to post pics of the new place. We all miss you here!


    • Sad clown…that’s just sweet as bro! I’ll be posting more pics once I’m outta the hostel…refuse to take photos when I’m covered in Hostel grime!!!

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