Pretty in Pink?

Just 13 days away from boarding the plane…tick toc!  Funny, at this moment that just translates to last-minute shopping that’s comparable to the madness that surrounds shopping during Christmas season. 

I’ve checked the big item off my list – new camera.  My decision on which one to get wasn’t based on tons of research so I could get the best one out on the market with all the bells and whistles.  I’ve just come to terms with the fact that I’ll always be the girl that’ll accidentally knock my camera off the kitchen counter and watch as it smashes into pieces on the floor or the one that will have to skillfully try to negotiate its repossession from the random weirdo who picked it up after it was accidentally left on the bar.  These two very recent incidents drew me to the conclusion that I needed to buy a simple yet cheap point and shoot so it won’t be the end of the world if I broke or lost it within the first 6 months of owning it.  I ended up picking up a rather well priced Canon on sale that I can drag all over New Zealand with me.  My colour choice wasn’t so much about “my ELPH, my way” as the commercial slogan goes but the thought behind the colour choice was more of “my ELPH, pink and flashy to keep the weirdos boys from trying to take it away”.

Sadly, another item I’ve checked off my list today also happens to be pink.  For the record, this is an item that I never dreamed of owning and may have made fun of people who did.  That all changed one night when I tried it out at my buddy’s place.  It was at exactly this point when the random thoughts started dancing in my head about how it’d be my perfect side-kick on the super long flight and something to keep me toasty warm during those cold hostel nights…yes, you guess it – I got myself a Snuggie!  And for the record, it’s a soft pretty pink and not the fuchsia pink everyone thought that I’d pick up.

I think that wraps it up for all things pink for today.  I don’t see myself buying anything else I need in that colour but since someone predicted the Snuggie would be pink after she stopped laughing at me for wanting to buy one…who knows how the rest of my pre-departure shopping will go.

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One thought on “Pretty in Pink?

  1. thestuffithinkabout


    If you get a dog and get him/her a Snuggie too, I’m disowning you as a friend 😉

    But congrats on the Elph! I wanted one when I was buying a camera 6 years ago, but I have shaky hands and back then it hadn’t mastered the anti-shaky-hand effect.

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